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  1. 65 Plymouth Satellite 426

    FOR SALE 1965 Plymouth Satellite $19,999.99

    Car Under Construction--Almost Finished--A990 Clone--Gold in Color--Black Interior--New Radio and Heater Delete Dash Plates--New Dash--New Torsion Bars--New 8-3/4+ 3.55 Auburn Posi Gear Rear-End--Super Stock Springs--B&M Shifter--New Axles--3 Way Adjustable Shocks--BFG 2.75/60/15 Rear Tires and...
  2. 65 Plymouth Satellite 426

    Best carb??

    Anything But An Edelbrock!
  3. 65 Plymouth Satellite 426

    Vintage Mopar Muscle

    Maybe You Could Find The Members A Couple Of Photos of It!
  4. 65 Plymouth Satellite 426

    Max Wedge Barn Find

    Very Cool Find! Another Max-Wedge Car!
  5. 65 Plymouth Satellite 426

    426 hemi sparkplug tubes

    I Never Owned A Hemi That Didn't Push Oil Out Somewhere!
  6. 65 Plymouth Satellite 426

    People at car shows

    Remember In The Old Days Some Of The Driver's Having Signs Painted On The Hood And Front Fenders Of Their Cars With The Words "Keep Off" Or "Don't Touch Aluminum" Or Even "You Dent It You Bought It"? How Do They Know That The Car Their Leaning On Isn't A Race Car?
  7. 65 Plymouth Satellite 426


    There Are Smaller Companies Across The Country Doing Mopar Bumpers! All You Need To Do Is Look! Had My '65 Satellite Replaced Just This Week With an OEM Front Bumper Found Right Here In Pennsylvania!!
  8. 65 Plymouth Satellite 426

    It's Mr. Belvedere!!

    Love That '65!
  9. 65 Plymouth Satellite 426

    413/426 max wedge

    Seems We Have Addressed This Question Of Sticking Weird Blocks In Other Cars Before!
  10. 65 Plymouth Satellite 426

    New Guy w/1965 Hemi Super Stock

    That Is A Sweet 65'!
  11. 65 Plymouth Satellite 426

    426 wedge 1964 ??? help needed to ID

    My Street Wedge Distributor Boss Number Has The V42 And An A HP?
  12. 65 Plymouth Satellite 426

    65 satellite going to paint this weekend

    I Have A 65 Satellite In Gold Poly! Thought i'd Give You An Idea How It Will Look!
  13. 65 Plymouth Satellite 426

    What engine do these head casting numbers belong with?

    I've Read So Many Damn Numbers On This Thread That I'm Totally Confused! The 2406518 Heads Are 426 Max-Wedge Heads With The 2.08 Intakes And 1.88 Exhaust Valves! The Way You Know If You Have A Max-Wedge Block Are The Exhaust Valve Grooves Cut inside The Top Of The Cylinder Heads. But, The Head...
  14. 65 Plymouth Satellite 426

    #22 Daytona w/KB 305ci

    There's A Real Lack Of Information Concerning The Dyno Info Itself. Keith Black Has Passed Years Ago, But I Would Suggest That Anyone Interested In Finding Out More About This, Contact Ken Black @ Keith Black Racing Engines. Somewhere Their May Be Dyno/Engine Build Sheets Printed During The Day!
  15. 65 Plymouth Satellite 426

    #22 Daytona w/KB 305ci

    The Answer To Your Question About The Dodge 305 Cubic Inch Nascar Engine Used In 1971 Comes Down To This. What Other Kind Of Racing Was Chrysler Doing At This Time? Answer: Trans-Am! And What Engine Was Used In The Challengers And Cudas? Answer: Specially Built Keith Black Racing Smallblock 305...
  16. 65 Plymouth Satellite 426

    #22 Daytona w/KB 305ci

    Is There Mod Who Could Take Out All But Three Different of The Images Of Mario Rossi's 305 Dodge Engine? I Screwed This Up!
  17. 65 Plymouth Satellite 426

    Beware of marks performance engines, scary guy to deal with!

    I Didn't See Anyone Leave Comments On His Facebook Page! Let Him Have It!