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  1. HitIt

    SOLD 64-65 426 Street Wedge Exhaust Manifolds

    1964-1965 Dodge & Plymouth 426 Street Wedge Exhaust Manifolds A rare hard to find set in excellent condition. No cracks or repairs. No corrosion or damage. $250 shipped to US addresses. Part numbers - Left side 2203262 Right side 2205898
  2. HitIt

    1964 Dodge Polara, 440, 330 Factory Service Manual $40

    Hello All, I am selling a lightly used 1964 Dodge reprint service manual that covers the B bodies and A bodies. this is a set of two large informational books It's in good shape with only a couple pages that got a little dirty along the way. $40 shipped to your US address. PM...
  3. HitIt

    64 Dodge 330 2dr Post Sedan - 440 & 4spd

    Sold! Thanks for all the nice comments.
  4. HitIt

    4 speed bellhousing?

    One thing to note about that bellhousing is that it is a one year only piece for the b body. I have one in my 64. You can still find them but just wanted to point out how specific it is which can sometimes affect the price... But Meep is right $250-$300 is about right.
  5. HitIt

    My sons are here..2 new mopar fans

    Awesome, congrats! You know the one kid is going to claim big broter status being 20 minutes older! Cheers!
  6. HitIt

    64 Dodge 330 2dr Post Sedan - 440 & 4spd

    Or offers with trade / partial trade! Thanks.
  7. HitIt

    64 Dodge 330 2dr Post Sedan - 440 & 4spd

    It's still for sale if anyone wants to make an offer.
  8. HitIt

    64 Dodge 330 2dr Post Sedan - 440 & 4spd

    Just one hour on the auction... excited and scared to see what happens...
  9. HitIt

    Who wants cheap 60s style front runners and slicks?

    I have had a set of Towel City's Cheater slicks for a couple years now. They have held up just fine for the limited mileage I have put on them. They seem very high quality to me for recaps.
  10. HitIt

    Let's see your stance/tire combo

    I don't have many good side shots, but here ya go. This is 14x5.5 in the front with a 27x6.25 tire in the front, and the back is 15x7s with 29.5x8. The torsion bars are .960 hemi bars cranked all the way up in allegiance with to the stance that you prefer.
  11. HitIt

    Hows my exhaust sound with the cutouts?

    That engine sounds pretty damn stout.
  12. HitIt

    526 Hemi For Sale

    Wow... that's all I can say... wow. Nice!
  13. HitIt

    64 Dodge 330 2dr Post Sedan - 440 & 4spd

    here's a bump and to let you know the car is up on eBay now http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/330-/280966043310?forcev4exp=true#ht_28549wt_2050
  14. HitIt

    Exhaust??? Is TTI the only bolt in option?

    Maybe check Accurate Exhaust. They have a lot of pre bent kits.
  15. HitIt

    Rear window regulator - same for 2 and 4 door?

    wow that is what I would call helpful info. Nice!
  16. HitIt

    Rear window regulator - same for 2 and 4 door?

    The service manual for 64 only shows one adjustment procedure. Doesn't mean they are the same for sure, but thought it might help.
  17. HitIt

    Wanted: Armrests (front) for a 63 fury

    Aren't the 63s one peice, not like the 64?
  18. HitIt

    64 Dodge 330 2dr Post Sedan - 440 & 4spd

    Nice. Was it an original 383 4spd? If so was it a 2bbl or 4bbl? I'm always curious about these less talked about models... cheers.
  19. HitIt

    some vids of her running and exhaust

    Oh yes! sounds great!