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    FOR SALE Disc/Drum Master Cylinder/Distribution Valve/Brake Lines

    Looks like 29882 on the master cylinder. Purchased from MP Brakes under part number BM1304. Made in the USA.
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    FOR SALE Disc/Drum Master Cylinder/Distribution Valve/Brake Lines

    1969 B-Body Disc/Drum Brake Master Cylinder, Distribution Valve, and 2 connecting brake lines. All New. Installed to check fit, but never used, and no brake fluid was run through the parts. Decided to go with aftermarket four-wheel disc system. $150
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    FOR SALE 10 Inch Ribbed Front Brake Drums

    Pic of my Charger with the drums installed and using aftermarket 16 inch wheels, as well as 14 inch original rims.
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    FOR SALE 10 Inch Ribbed Front Brake Drums

    Two 10 inch ribbed front brake drums from 69 B-Body. $100
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    FOR SALE Transmission Crossmember Bolts

    New Transmission Crossmember Bolt Kit. Includes 4 bolts, eight washers, and 4 nuts. Never installed. $15
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    FOUND Dodge/Plymouth Bucket Seat Spacers

    Need to obtain 6 bucket seat spacers for my 1969 Charger. Thanx, Mike
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    Starting Up Long Dormant Engine

    I have a completely rebuilt, and broken in 440 engine which has been sitting in a garage, or in the car, for at least 7 years. Getting ready to finally add all the fluids, and bring the car back to life. Prior to trying to do that I thought it might be prudent to get some oil in each of the...
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    SOLD 26 Inch Aluminum Radiator

    26 inch aluminum radiator for B-Body Mopar big block/automatic. Intended to use in my stroker 440 69-Charger until I decided to go with a serpentine belt system and electric fans. Dropped right in my car, and lined up with all mounting holes, trans cooler lines, and upper/lower radiator hoses...
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    FOR SALE 69 Charger Passenger Side Door Hardware

    Passenger side door hardware from 69 Charger. $50
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    Recore or replace?

    OK, adding my questions to the mix. I have a 69 Charger with a new 440 stroker 6-pack engine and automatic trans. I am getting closer to getting it ready to run in the car for the first time (broken in on a dyno), and want to make sure the new cooling system is up to the task. The engine has a...
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    FOR SALE OEM Power Window Motor (Needs Rebuild)

    OEM Right Side (2520902) Power Window motor from 69 B-Body. Motor is not functioning and needs to be rebuilt. $60
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    FOR SALE Glove Box Light

    B-Body OEM Glove Box Light from a 69 Charger Includes socket, wiring bulb, and lens. $50
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    FOR SALE Defroster Vent Hoses

    Defroster vent hoses from 69 B-Body with HVAC heater box. $50
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    Trying to Identify Trunk Light

    Sold my 70 Challenger in 2000, so I think I’m holding on to parts too long! Thanks to all for the info. Mike
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    Trying to Identify Trunk Light

    Going through, and disposing of my remaining parts stash. I don't remember which of my parts cars this came from, but believe it is a trunk light from either a 69, or 71 B-Body. The dark wire is brown. Look familiar to anyone? Mike
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    Missing Bracket on 69 Charger Brake Booster

    The car has PB. It looks like the top part of the brackets have a tab that corresponds to an existing hole I have in the firewall in that area. Is the rectangular slot at the top of the bracket designed to lock onto the booster? Mike
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    Missing Bracket on 69 Charger Brake Booster

    I am running a few last wires in my engine compartment, and find that I have an area over the top of the Disc Brake Booster that appears to be missing a bracket. The bracket would appear to attach to the backing plate for the booster, and hold the wires that pass over the booster in place...
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    WTB WTB - 68-70 B body glove box lamp parts

    Parts removed from a 69 Charger. $50 Mike