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    68 b body headers, what fits? what doesnt?

    Hookers (long tube) fit very poorly on my 68 Charger, major hammering to clear steering linkage, so I replaced them with Headman (long tube) and they fit very well with no hammering and with stock starter motor.
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    "Hooker Super Comps" What's up with the fit

    I had Hooker Super Comps on my 68 Charger 383 BB and they hit both the pitman and idler arms bad. I tried to "make them fit" with hammers etc, but they always still hit and I could feel them in the steering. I finally yanked them out and installed Headman headers (long pipes) and they fit...
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    Incredible electrical issue 70 charger

    Grounding. Tail lights ground through the spring loaded bulb housing so need to be pushed in to the tail light assembly, make sure they do not fit loosely and make sure they are not corroded. Tail light assembly also need to have good ground path to car body. Dome light grounds at door...
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    2011 Charger

    LOL... like the old saying goes, opinions are like :bootyshake:, everyone has them. :angel1:
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    Um...Is this illegal?

    Something tells me that who ever buys that is NOT going to hang it on their wall.
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    New 383 runs really bad/Please Help

    67 B-body I agree that everyone's opinion is what makes this forum so great. Many ideas can be brought up by others with similar experiences, and everyones input helps. I only brought your post up because you were mis-quoting what others said (and still are), and were dogging everyone's...
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    New 383 runs really bad/Please Help

    LOL... I don't think anyone said anything about 450 cfm at idle, or changing jets to make up differences in CFM. Maybe you should read a little more carefully before dogging everyones helpful advice. :thatswck: I think that there are many things that could be tried before completely...
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    New 383 runs really bad/Please Help

    I'd say timing too. But I don't have much experience with this either. I have a similar set up on my 383 and have to run with much more timing advance (haven't got it dialed in yet or I would say what it is, work still in progress). It seems to me that the trend on here with anyone running a...
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    Can not seem to remove/strip/grind engine bay paint.

    If someone else already went through the trouble of stripping the car and sealing it why are you going through all of the trouble again? It is not always necessary to strip a car to bare metal. Maybe get some second opinions from a local body shop on if they think it is sealed good enough to...
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    flat black lift off hood on plum crazy?

    I definitely vote black... not white... :no:
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    I need help please!!!!

    I would say the ignition controller is fried. They are supposed to be mounted somewhere away from heat so they don't get so hot. You should definitely mount the new one somewhere else away from the exhaust. It is normal for the ballast resistor to be hot though.
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    compression test results

    I got the adjustable rockers first, then found that with them installed my pushrods were way too long (the adjustable rockers put the cup for the pushrod further down than the stamped steel originals did due their design). Even with them adjusted all the way in they were too tight (which would...
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    compression test results

    A worn cam would cause gaps between the rockers and valve stems, and would cause the valves to not open fully, he is having problems with the valves being held open when they should be closed.
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    Quick Response needed!

    All of the hoses are easy to get to. You don't have to drop the tank.
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    compression test results

    Well, I ran into this same problem, but since things sat for years following all of the machine work, and I was in another state by then, I was unable to go back to the shop and say WTF. I had gone to a reputable shop, so had always been under the impression that it was done right. I ended...
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    1,200 later and i now have headers on our car

    Hooker headers just don't seem to fit. Mine hit the steering linkage on both sides.
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    compression test results

    Sounds to me like they replaced some of the valves during the head work and the stems have different lengths above the retainers/locks now... or like Scott74 mentioned, new seats that are at different or varying heights. You may need shorter pushrods and/or adjustable rockers now to get lash...
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    Ohms meter says good; Test light said bad

    I would say that the key to this problem has something to do with the fact that the pink wire for the brakes and the pink wire going to the light switch both go to the same terminal on the fuse box (at least that is how the wire diagram shows it). All the other pink power wires that you are not...
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    Quick Response needed!

    Mechanical pumps don't need to be primed, they can pull gas all the way from the tank. I would say that you probably have a broken hose somewhere and are sucking air (maybe back at the tank), or the pump could have died. But I don't think that I have ever seen a mechanical pump just die that...
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    she is back from paint finally!!

    Ooooooooo... Nice! :yes: