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    Cars of any brand that you like the body style but don't like for other reasons....

    I have always like the second generation Camaro. And the Muncie 4 speed. But I’m not a GM fan, so that’s a tough one
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    TV shows that you've binge watched.

    Adam 12. Don’t know if it’s technically binge watching, but one on of the sub channels has two episodes on at 5pm. Classic cop show and it’s worth watching to see the cars. For me it’s good enough to watch even if you have seen them before.
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    TV shows that you've binge watched.

    A couple odd ones I like. In the Heat of The Night. Always liked that show, interesting small town look in the late 80’s. In May I was home recovering from a surgery on my face, one of the sun channels was showing 3 or 4 episodes a day. Mayday, Air Disaster.
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    TV shows that you've binge watched.

    Crime Story was great , but not that many episodes. Anthony Denison was very believable when he played Ray Luca.
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    Road Trip With An Electric Vehicle. Didn't See This Coming.

    As a Ford truck fan I loved the story. The owner drank the coolaid, that’s an awful expensive mistake. That’s a pricey grocery getter.
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    Modern movies and why they are often so terrible.

    Sad but true. There appears to be an agenda. And the agenda seems more important than the story. It also seems like after so many years just out of good ideas for movie and tv shows.
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    Name a movie they couldn't make today.

    That is a good movie. Didn’t realize it was filmed in Colusa. Being a duck hunter, I have spent time in that area.
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    Eat Out or In?

    But are wages are going up so much lol.
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    What is the best way to quit your job? Any advice?

    As others have said I’d get a new job lined up first. Then just give two weeks notice as a courtesy. Don’t really need to give any details. If you want a month off between the two just set that up.
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    Names of race car drivers (or anyone else) that made you scratch your head......

    Salt Walther. I was never really into auto racing but the name sticks in my head. I was about 10 and I remember watching the crash at Indianapolis on tv with my grandfather. His legs were sticking out of the car
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    600hp V12 Merc

    Did a ton of fishing duck hunting from 12-14 foot aluminum tiller boats. I slow troll, seems like I caught more fish back then.
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    600hp V12 Merc

    I’ll just go fishing with a real boat,
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    600hp V12 Merc

    If you want to get there fast take a Mercury. If you want to get home take a Yamaha.
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    What is wrong with women!???

    My wife is originally from the Philippines. When we met she was already here and was naturalized so i didn’t have to do the online thing. But if I was single I’d certainly do it now. My 2cents. Good women but you have to do your homework to weed out the wrong ones. Hardworking.
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    What did you do today....other than work on your car!?

    Changed the oil on the Yamaha. Now the new oil is very hard to see on the dipstick
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    What car commercials have stuck in your memory?

    Seems to me I remember those adds in the Sacramento area mid to late 80’s. He must have had a dealership somewhere around
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    The 'what if' thread......

    What if George Floyd didn’t try to pass a fake bill?
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    "I'm a doctor, not a brick layer"

    Piece of the action. My favorite
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    Two stroke vs four - which do you prefer

    Depends on the application. Ona fishing boat a four stroke. Had two strokes my whole life. Last year I bought a new four stroke F70 Yamaha for my old Whaler. Should have bought one ten years ago. No smoke, starts instantly, quieter, trolls without dying and it’s a fuel miser.