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    rear leaf question

    I don't think the Mopar XHD springs will change the height any at all. It looks nice the way it is, but I'm a product of the 70's and like to see a little rake as well. Many of the high arch springs being sold are made by Stanley. It's easy to spot them because the leaf ends are blunt cut...
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    school me on a 451 stroker

    Here's an interesting 451 build: 440Jim He used Hemi length rods which gives a RS ratio of 1.83 Looks like it was built back in 2001, I wonder how it turned out? He has a nice spreadsheet that can be downloaded from his Tech page. It calculates all that you care know about piston position...
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    8 3/4 axle bearings

    A tapered bearing in this application wins in side load capacity and longevity, hands down. Is a tapered bearing overkill in this situation? ....probably, but part of what makes these vehicles great is they represent a time before the corporate bean counters started chiseling every last nickel...
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    8 3/4 axle bearings

    Sealed ball bearings certainly have their place. They probably won’t last as long as a tapered bearing but if it’s a life of 100,000 vs. 150,000 miles who cares the way our cars are driven. I think it’s come down to more of a marketing exercise than engineering. Hot rodders always feel...
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    Inner/Outer front wheel bearings 69 B Body

    Yes, 10” seals can be used on the 11” hub. To my knowledge 10” and 11” both use the same hub, the difference is in the backing plate. The 11” backing plate has a piece in the center that fully encircles the steel lip on the 11” seal. This creates a labyrinth of sorts making it more difficult...
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    OK, THIS is funny

    Hmmm, I wonder if this guy would consider my 4 belly rolls to be 6 Pack Abs? Looking at his other listings, he clearly has a different definition of NOS than I do.
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    Inner/Outer front wheel bearings 69 B Body

    The seal for the 11" drum has steel lip on it that I guess makes it more difficult for brake dust to reach the bearing. The 10" seal will work in the 11" drum but not the other way around.
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    Rear end vibration

    Have you checked the pinion angle?
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    727 Lift Fixture

    Thanks Willitay, a buddy convinced me that my original idea would be too rigid for getting the transmission lined up. I like the idea from A-bodies but like you, I would probably place the pipe a little closer to the front.
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    Axle bearings

    Great find, I didn't realize anybody was reproducing the retainer plates.
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    Axle bearings

    Google "Timken SET7" and you will find many sources.
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    Two Left Hemi Springs

    Thanks, the AFCO bolts will work for me, I'm no purist.
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    Two Left Hemi Springs

    I found this chart when looking for arch info. I don’t know the source but assuming the info is correct it appears that the “left” Hemi spring (P/N 78-561) was used on both sides on ‘72 models equipped with a 440. Also, the Hemi spring actually has less arch than the standard 5 leaf spring, I...
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    Two Left Hemi Springs

    I’ve been shopping leaf springs and noticed that the Mopar Performance Hemi springs are actually one of the cheaper options. I’m not really interested in the right spring bias but like the idea of a heavier spring and I assume they are USA made. I was thinking to buy two left springs. (sort of...
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    Guess what engine it is

    15/17, I did several by process of elimination
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    Windsor assembly 1975

    Next stop: Ricardo Montalban
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    How would you paint your rear end???

    I've used John Deere blitz black on many chassis components with good results. It certainly doesn't compare with automotive paint but when used over the Deere buff primer it sticks well and has fairly good grease/oil resistance. The satin finish is very similar to DP90...
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    727 Lift Fixture

    I’m looking to build a 727 lifting fixture made from an old pan. I’m planning to weld a piece of 11 gauge plate to the bottom of the pan and then weld a short pin to the plate that will fit my floor jack. Ideally I’d like to place the pin fairly close to the actual center of gravity. I’m...
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    using stainless steel fastners ?

    These days it’s hard to tell where bolts come from or if they comply with recognized standards but if made to spec, 18-8 SS bolts are a little better than Grade 2, although not much. That said, bolts made from chilled butter would probably work for most everything except the rods, mains, and...