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    FOR SALE Wiper Arms B Body

    On Hold for Mike
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    FOR SALE Wiper Arms B Body

    I bought these for my 1970 B Body and never used them, Brand New in the box. Parts in Tampa FL $25 plus shipping
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    FOR SALE 1970 Big Block Valve Covers

    1970 BB Valve Covers and Moroso Gaskets and a few parts pictured Covers are in good condition. Parts located in Tampa FL $350 plus shipping
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    NASCAR Chicago

    This was NASCAR
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    Anyone in Lancaster PA check a car for me?

    Put a refundable deposit on the car. Have someone look it over and if it checks out buy it.
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    $975,000 for Black Ghost

    Man you really hate those things..... This one did V-Code 4 speed 4.10 Dana I like it!
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    FOR SALE 1973 Corvette Original Owner

    1973 Corvette Yellow Black Interior 350 Automatic PS, PB and Windows 120,000 Miles New 350 Engine installed in 2007 at 107,000 miles. (original engine comes with car) Transmission rebuilt at this time. Car was also painted in 2007 and looks fantastic garage kept. New tires 4/21 New Battery 6/22...
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    How many 69 Roadrunner Convertible 4 Speeds remain???

    Thanks It was one of the first cars I restored with my friends help It had nice options Console, Buckets, Air Grabber, 4 speed, PDB, PS, Light Package, Clock, 3.55 SG. I actually thought about buying it back, but the timing was not right.
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    How many 69 Roadrunner Convertible 4 Speeds remain???

    Not sure how many our left, I know this one is. I sold it about 15 years ago and recently saw it for sale last year in Florida. You do not see a lot of them for sale anymore.
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    How important is a matching engine to s/n or year?

    I agree in the late 70's while I was in HS I had 3 cars. 69 GTS 383 auto, 70 GTX auto and a 68 GTX 4 speed. I never looked at the VIN on the engines. In fact I dont even remember if they had fender tags on them. I just wanted to go fast and out run my friends cars. Hell, one weekend I pulled the...
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    69 Roadrunner Convertible with N96

    My old one was N96 4 Speed
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    1968 Hemi Roadrunner Fender Tag and VIN validation?

    Its a nice car with the issues mentioned above. If you have a 150k budget I think you could find a better Hemi B Body.
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    Why it seems just about every Charger for sale has fresh thick undercoating?

    I like when I see the old factory under coating on the cars it has that grayish/brown look to it.
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    1969 Super Bee near Ky Tenn border

    Thats not cool man. His car, he can do what he wants, but I don't blame you. Hopefully you will find what you are looking for and will not have to get the run around.
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    1969 Super Bee near Ky Tenn border

    Not a bad looking car I guess it just depends on what you are looking for. I like them all stock so not a fan of the gauges, painted bottom and cut outs. Wheels easy enough to correct. I think the car is a little high based on the color combo and column automatic. I don't think the price is...
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    Got a compliment on my hair today.....but it wasn't....

    Maybe what he really liked was the product you bought.......
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    Is this real? Should we buy it?

    Thats a deal killer for sure. As already mentioned sheet looks suspect. For that price point you could get into a real SB or RT
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    99 code 69 RR

    My A12 RR was Ralley Green, the color code on the tag was 97.
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    August 2, 1990

    Walking through the Battalion area heading to my platoon for some morning PT. Ft Bragg NC. The S2 came running up to me to tell me about the invasion. I said "yeah so why do I care, he said because we are going to be rolling out soon..............