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  1. markmopar

    Drum to discbrake conversion

  2. markmopar

    Little video of my 69 Coronet

  3. markmopar

    SOLD 318 poly dual quad intake

    $350 w/shipping included
  4. markmopar

    SOLD 318 poly dual quad intake

    Still available
  5. markmopar

    SOLD 318 poly dual quad intake

  6. markmopar

    SOLD 318 poly dual quad intake

    Factory iron dual quad intake for a polysphere 318. $350 + shipping from 08362(NJ), weighs 50lbs.
  7. markmopar

    360 magnum swap flex plate question

    The magnum flexplate can be made to work on the older converter(at least on a 727), I just did it a couple weeks ago. Three holes will line up and the fourth needs to be filed with a rattail to match. I got my flexplate from the local engine core supply.
  8. markmopar

    WTB 1968-69 lower dash pad in tan

    Got a pic? What do you want for it?
  9. markmopar

    WTB 1968-69 lower dash pad in tan

    I have a 69 Coronet, looking for the lower dash pad and glove box door in tan. Non-A/C.
  10. markmopar

    FOR SALE Parting Out 1969 Coronet 2 Door Post

    Glove box door and lower dash pad?
  11. markmopar

    FOR SALE Parting Out 1979 Magnum XE

    I'm interested in the rear and quarter window trim and the windshield wiper transmission.
  12. markmopar

    FOR SALE WTB 15x3.5 or 15x4 Fenton Gyro alot wheels

    If you're still looking, I'm pretty sure I have a pair.
  13. markmopar

    WTB 64 belvedere heater core.

    came across this on eBay, but it's Frank Mitchell... http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1962-1963-1964-1965-MoPar-Heater-Core-Fury-Polara-B-Bod_W0QQitemZ110351578154QQcmdZViewItemQQptZMotors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories?hash=item110351578154&_trksid=p4506.m20.l1116
  14. markmopar

    Corvette web sites???

  15. markmopar

    WTB 727 bb trans

    are you looking for a core or one ready to run?
  16. markmopar

    Anybody know if they make fiberglass bumpers?

    check out this link: http://www.dodgecoronet.com/forum/showthread.php?t=7741&highlight=fiberglass+bumper
  17. markmopar


    Here's another idea I saw on the 62-65 tech page: "I've fixed a couple of heater control switches by finding just the right size brass tubing to fit inside the nipples and cutting it just long enough to match the length from flush inside the switch housing to the tip of the nipple. The brass...