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  1. moparsquid

    hood seal

    thanks maybe i miss labeled this post i need the hood to core support seal
  2. moparsquid

    hood seal

    having a real frustrating time looking for a hood to cowl seal for a 62 dodge dart i ordered one from classic industries but the part is not for a 62 but 63 who sells them i've scoured most of the venders and no luck
  3. moparsquid

    charging system

    hi i have a 62 dodge dart with the battery in the trunk ,its an optima i upgraded to a 60amp alt. but it seems that its always charging on the gauge (factory in dash) i'm only running a msd 6al,tranny cooler fan ,afr gauge and a electric fuel pump is there a way to upgrade without to much hassle
  4. moparsquid

    64 Only

    my 64 gasser project originally a 383 manual police car someone turned max wedge street racer and now a lot of work ahead of me . plans are a 413 bored to 426 with max wedge heads and a hilborn f.i. and straight axel
  5. moparsquid

    WTB Indy max wedge mod man

    looking for a 4150 flanged indy max wedge dual in line top froe carter or holley syd pattern i have one for 4500 but to much carb for the engine , i know indy sells them fro about 380.00
  6. moparsquid

    FOR SALE Hamburgers Fabricated Valve Covers

    i have wells fargo is that venmo
  7. moparsquid

    FOR SALE Hamburgers Fabricated Valve Covers

    what would be shipping to 91977
  8. moparsquid

    grill redo

    im making a drag car 330 64 dodge with a 426 max id like to make the grill like the single light hemi style how hard is it and if any pics it would help thanks
  9. moparsquid

    Mopar stage 6 heads

    thanks those look great ,ive have a local known racer/ shop her in san diego doing it ill post some pics when hes finished he did some heads for mr about 30+ years ago
  10. moparsquid

    SOLD Big block solid lifters Johnson USA made.

    will these work on a mp 528 solid thanks
  11. moparsquid

    Let's see some engine shots !

    62 dart 383 2x4
  12. moparsquid

    hot hedders

    yes i know of them my problem is they tend to be close on the tip connector i was going to try hedder plugs and ceramic plug wires
  13. moparsquid

    FOR SALE cable tranny 65 slip yoke

    i have a slip yoke 65 tranny with a shifter, cables ,a brand new reverse manual valve body and posible stock torque converter am going to manual tranny no need tranny needs rebuilt not knowing the condition 450.00 or best offer please pick up only in the san deigo area
  14. moparsquid

    hot hedders

    hi id like your thoughts on ceramic tipped spark plug wires the pros and cons and recommendations . currently i'm using MSD straight boot with doug's headers and seems one on each side is a bit to close and i really don't want to dimple the tubes
  15. moparsquid

    standard or mushroom lifters

    thanks for the reply but im going to pass as im looking at a 620 roller thanks for the time
  16. moparsquid

    FOR SALE 64 Dodge B-body fiberglass

    I would love to get it but I'm to far away
  17. moparsquid

    Mopar stage 6 heads

    Where is he located thanks
  18. moparsquid

    Mopar stage 6 heads

    I have a set of mopar stage 6 max wedge heads thats going on a 500 strkr id like to have them ported for better flow is there anyone in the san diego area that is good but reasonable
  19. moparsquid

    FOR SALE Numerous Sets of Mopar Big and Small Block Headers New and Used

    Do you have A body big block are you going to famoso for the reunion I think j keller is going
  20. moparsquid

    standard or mushroom lifters

    Thanks for all that responded I've given it thought and decided not to get it I'll just go with my local cam guys at Schneider I've had good cams from them in the past thanks