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    Brass tag on motor what is it?

    With no vin, Im guessin a warranty replacement.
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    Looking to Build a Motor

    Would an e-85 build on a 383 get him close to the 450- 500 hp mark?
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    floor pans?

    Hey all! Im in the middle of building a 63 plymouth post car and have been lining up some parts to buy. I see alotta people using the the smaller floor pan sections, has anyone used the one piece setup for the early bs? How do they fit? Do they fit at all?
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    Sanded a 63 savoy fender today...

    I have a 63 savoy that needs doors and youre right! Ive been looking for quite a few months now to find some. Your idea might be the way to go. Could you tell me a little more about whats all involved?
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    Wanted 63 post doors

    Looking for both drivers and pass. doors for a 63 plymouth savoy. Can be belvedere, Im not to picky.
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    Progress report, Junkyard Dog

    Im pumped for ya! That rust is like a disease! Good ta see ya keep a positive attitude towards your project. Keep up the good work!
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    savoy panels

    Thanks, I know that some of them I can make, but over the wheel well, uh no thanks.
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    savoy panels

    Anybody know if there is an outfit out there that sells rear quarter patch panels for 63-65 savoy/belvedere?
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    833 conversion

    checked into it. requires a new output shaft and tail housing. parts around $300.
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    went to the track today

    Thats it Im movin!!!
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    Hanging full qtrs

    Anybody ever use metal to metal instead of the fiberglass?
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    833 conversion

    Might be more work than what its worth. Ill check with this Jaime @ Passon. Thanks for the tip!
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    833 conversion

    Im building a 63 savoy and i ended up with an early style 4 speed with the flange. After doin some info hunting i found that I really dont want to use that style. Is it possible to swap the tail housing to a slip yoke style?
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    Got the project out today...

    Wish I could say the same. Up here we still have a foot and half a snow. Great lookin car! What size slick are you runnin?
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    Let's go back to (old) school-new wheels for the Sport Fury

    I agree. Love the look of a steelie! The dinner table is always nice to build carbs on!!
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    WANTED: 63 savoy 2 dr post doors

    hemistix66 I pm ya with details.
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    WANTED: 63 savoy 2 dr post doors

    Looking for at least the drivers door, will take both if available.