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    SOLD B-Body Console

    Yes I am definitely interested in the rear shell. Please do so. THANKS!
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    SOLD B-Body Console

    Greetings: I did not ask , but is the back bolt on piece, the black box, cracked or in good shape? That is actually what I need. THANKS!
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    SOLD B-Body Console

    Greetings: Just checking. Did the sale go through? THANKS!
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    SOLD B-Body Console

    Thank you.
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    SOLD B-Body Console

    Greetings: Is this console still available? THANKS for checking
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    SOLD 1967 Coronet R/T-500 finish panel $50

    Greetings: Is this still available? Shipping to 44514.
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    SOLD 1967 Coronet R/T-500 finish panel $50

    Greetings: Any cracks or bends or dings. How much to ship to 44514. Also, do you have any brackets off of the grille surrounds. I am interested in the finish panel as well. JJG.
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    SOLD 66 67 68 Charger Coronet Satellite GTX R/T Inland Console Shifter

    Greetings: Please send me some more info on same. THANKS!!
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    SOLD 68 Dana 60 11" Drums

    Greetings: How much material still on drum? Does it have part umbers? Please afvise. TYHANKS!!
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    Greetings: I am interested in the air cleaner base you have, Please send picture and advise. THANKS!
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    FOR SALE Real Pentastar for sale

    Greetings: If you still have them I will take 5. No PM Box is full. THANKS!
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    SOLD 1967 Coronet R/T hood scoop

    Greetings: Is this an original scoop? Not oneof those flimsy fiberclass re pops you see on the e bay. I am very much interested. I will await your reply. THANKS!
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    FOR SALE 67 coronet 4 doors 318 parting

    Interested in the front grille surrounds. Can you send some closeup pictures. THANKS!
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    FOR SALE 67 Coronet lower roof trim

    Greetings: Could you send more pictures. Need to see if there are pits on the sides. THANKS!!
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    SOLD 1967 Plymouth GTX Carburator

    Greetings: Just checking to see if you received my PM. THANKS!
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    Seat side cover identification bucket rt

    The small one is the correct side for the out side of the bucket seat.
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    Seat side cover identification bucket rt

    The small one is the correct one for the outside of the bucket seat.
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    Seat side cover identification bucket rt

    Greetings: I am an original owner of a 67 Coronet R/T. Jerry is correct, the 67 R/T bucket only has the side panel on the outside. None on the inner. John J. Gocala sr.
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    1967 R/T Stripe

    I am an original 67 Dodge Coronet R/T owner purchasing the car 02-24-67. I had posted pictures of my 881 blue 67 with white pinstripes and correct measurements for the stripes April 22, 2018. There were no bottom stripes from Dodge other than pictures in brochure. Visited production site in...