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  1. 440satellite

    motor plates

    Thanks for the info guys! This should be a cool project.
  2. 440satellite

    motor plates

    so guys, I bought the 67 R/T with the motor plates as you see in the pic. I may bring the car to the track every so often, but will be mostly a street machine. I have a 440 under 600hp - so just looking for opinions or advice using the motor plates. Been told to install rubber bolt bushings...
  3. 440satellite

    FOR SALE 1967 Coronet 500 part out

    Hi. Did the grille surrounds get sold?
  4. 440satellite

    To my Brothers and Siters That served, Happy Veterans day!

    Thank you all for your service and our freedom!
  5. 440satellite

    fuel cell vs. original gas tank

    Thanks for the input guys. I was leaning towards the fuel cell.
  6. 440satellite

    fuel cell vs. original gas tank

    Nope. Everything has been removed.
  7. 440satellite

    fuel cell vs. original gas tank

    The 67 R/T I recently bought was a drag car with a fuel cell. The fuel cell is gone now and there is no gas tank either. One catch though, the fuel filler door has been removed and the seam welded so nice that you'd really have to look hard to see where it used to be. So my question is, if I...
  8. 440satellite

    67 coronet r/t fender tag

    Thanks for the info Paul. No broadcast sheet that I have found. I was just happy to find this old B body.:thumbsup:
  9. 440satellite

    67 coronet r/t fender tag

    That's what makes this site so cool, all you folks out there that can appreciate these things! I will post some pics in the spring when I drop my 440 in.
  10. 440satellite

    67 coronet r/t fender tag

    I bought the car as a roller. The owner didn't have any history to share with me. Obviously was a race car . I have started the hunt for front end parts and interior, but looks pretty damn cool with those slicks I have to say.
  11. 440satellite

    67 coronet r/t fender tag

    I just bought this car last month. I knew it was a true R/T based on the VIN, but has anybody had a fender tag like this?
  12. 440satellite


    Thanks! I Will check it out
  13. 440satellite


    Thanks. I'm sure I can find a Fastenal either near home or work. Any pics and prices would be great.
  14. 440satellite


    Hi, I am looking for a complete front bumper, front grill assembly , and rear windshield for a 67 Coronet R/T. Please only Canadian replies unless you don't mind shipping. I may buy a complete parts car if price is right. Thanks!!
  15. 440satellite

    440 weight

    Hey guys, I started to mount my 73 440 on an engine stand rated for 1000lbs that my buddy had given to me. Much to my surprise the mounting fingers or swing arms ( whatever they are called ) started to bend a lot when I let the weight off the engine crane. No way would I leave it on there...
  16. 440satellite

    New Member

    Hey welcome Dennis, I didn't realize that you had just joined the site when we were emailing back and forth. Lots of good folks with good Mopar knowledge here.
  17. 440satellite

    Rust revival

    I know you've heard it alot already, but your work is awesome! You have given me inspiration to keep plugging away at my latest project ( 69 Charger ) I have bought my self a Lincoln mig welder and have got my oldest son motivated to get involved too. If you can complete a car as far gone as...
  18. 440satellite

    71-74 plymouth dodge b-body

    Seats and dash Tony I will pm you price. Seats are good driver condition complete with sliders. Dash is clean but I cannot guarantee gauge functions as I never got it installed before I sold the car. Sorry about taking so long to get pics to you.
  19. 440satellite

    newbie from new brunswick canada

    welcome! lots of good folks here with good Mopar knowledge
  20. 440satellite

    72 Satellite Restore restore Pics

    hey! keep up the good work, I sold my 71 Satellite and have a 69 charger in about the same shape as your car. lots of work, but i cant afford $30,000. Really miss my 71 some times.