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  1. fourgearsavoy

    Dana 60

    I have seen recent info about a different kind of Dana rears installed in 68-69 B-bodies. Dana 50-51 maybe ??? I think Uncle Tony done a video about. There was a 3.31 gear available in the other Dana rears. Gus
  2. fourgearsavoy

    Sudden oil loss, max wedge clone

    I use Superformance gaskets for everything on my engine. There are a few vendors that carry them. You really need to do a compression test to at least see if you have a weak hole. Gus
  3. fourgearsavoy

    Changing the roller cam paradigm?

    That #4 is very similar to the break in procedure for Howards flat tappet cams. I followed the procedure they recommended and had no problems. It was very different from other break in procedures I've used in the past. I went with an Isky solid roller this time around with Howards lifters. The...
  4. fourgearsavoy

    Radio Delete cars

    My Savoy was a stripper with no radio, no reverse lights, no rear seat belts, single speed wipers no washers, and rubber mat with no carpet. Gus
  5. fourgearsavoy

    What did you do today....other than work on your car!?

    Packed up my Savoy for the Mopar show at Norwalk for a nice cool weekend racing and drinking beer with my Mopar buddies. Gus
  6. fourgearsavoy

    Buiding 383 and May Need Info

    I think a 383 would be an awesome engine for a rod. Welcome and feel free to ask any questions to help your rod get another 100K on the clock. Gus
  7. fourgearsavoy

    The IGNORE feature.

    Precisely why I "ignore" the political section completely. I cant stand people bickering over stupid things and minds they cant change. Gus
  8. fourgearsavoy

    TV shows that you've binge watched.

    To say John Lithgow has a great range is an understatement. Just look at the two different rolls as Dick on Third Rock and Arthur as the Trinity killer on Dexter Gus
  9. fourgearsavoy

    TV shows that you've binge watched.

    I really liked Vikings but after they killed off Ragnar it lost something for me.
  10. fourgearsavoy

    TV shows that you've binge watched.

    Wife and I just finished watching Grimm from start to finish. Game of thrones three times Sopranos a few times Dexter a few times Ozark was a cool show I binge 6-7 episodes once in a while Liked Justified and cant wait to see a spin-off with Boyd For laughs you cant beat Third Rock From The Sun...
  11. fourgearsavoy

    Tractor Parade at the Ionia Fall Festival

    Very nice! I love the old Oliver rigs. Gus
  12. fourgearsavoy

    Last One on trailer, First Win This Year

    Yeah I'm heading up for the weekend just going to make a few passes and hang out with friends and camp for the weekend. Gus
  13. fourgearsavoy

    440 block mains/caps

    All depends on your goals really. Just my own experience most failures can be caused by poorly tuned engines with detonation issues. Your average 550 HP engine doesn't really need them IMHO. Gus
  14. fourgearsavoy

    Went to the track Friday. What should I try next?

    What is your trap RPM ? I would bet that combo could use some more gear although I understand time is short for a gear change in the Dana. Your short times are decent so the car must be hooking up. Gus
  15. fourgearsavoy

    Last One on trailer, First Win This Year

    Very rewarding going rounds and winning. I haven't raced seriously for about 12 years but I'm slowly getting the car back on the track. I will make a few passes this weekend at Norwalk. Congrats on the win as that makes for a sweet ride home. Gus
  16. fourgearsavoy


    I would call Brewers and talk to Wayne or Dan and they will set you up right. Gus
  17. fourgearsavoy


    They both have about the same level of engagement but the Mcleod dual disc is way more expensive. The standard Centerforce Dual friction would be good for your application. Gus
  18. fourgearsavoy


    I've had just about every clutch on the market and my new favorite combo is the CF 2 plate and the Mcleod 500 series dual friction disc. I liked the Mcleod Street Twin but with the floater it wouldn't release clean enough for power-shifting down the track at full throttle. I have a pretty stout...
  19. fourgearsavoy

    Home made tools

    I designed this tool and had a guy from Moparts make it. It is a steady mount for a dial indicator to the crank flange while dialing a bellhousing. Gus
  20. fourgearsavoy

    Need somebody to look at a car near Akron Oh.

    No problem it was at the same exit I was at today. That repair would bug me every time I walked past it. Gus