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  1. hugh68charger

    Another leaf spring post

    ESPO spring +2" for me. 275x60x15 coopers in the rear and 245x60x15 coopers in both pictures
  2. hugh68charger

    Seeing the inside of a door of a 69 mopar

    I see now..... My thumb button on the handle was sticking and I was telling someone that knows Mopars about it and was grabbing my WD-40 to hit it and he told me not to do it but to put the straw down the window slot with the window up and spray the heck out of the actual latch area. I did it...
  3. hugh68charger

    I've been scarce around here lately. Here is what happened.

    I am wishing you a speedy recovery......take it easy man
  4. hugh68charger

    Anyone use PirateJack booster and Master?

    the truth is I did NOT and when I was done I took it to a guy that knows way more than I do and he was concerned about it even though the brakes were operating perfectly so we disassembled it to check it and it was set exactly where it needed to be so we put it back together and all is still fine.
  5. hugh68charger

    Best Looking truck ever made.

    My 2014 Ram ...... I love it !
  6. hugh68charger

    Can’t see pictures

    Mine started working again too and I didn't make any changes at all.
  7. hugh68charger

    1968 Charger BB1/C6R

    I think you made the right choice with the hub caps
  8. hugh68charger

    WTB WTB 68 Charger Headlight Bezels... THANKS!

    Did you try EBAY? I got a very nice set at a fair price there. There was ONE for sale but I can't remember which side about a month ago
  9. hugh68charger

    Happy Birthday to Kerndog!

    Happy Birthday Kern Dog !!! I feel like I owe you something after all the memes I've copied and sent to friends of mine that I have "borrowed" from you.
  10. hugh68charger

    Anyone use PirateJack booster and Master?

    I got the booster only about 5 months ago and it went in nice.
  11. hugh68charger


    Just putting it out there..... I know I can buy from Classic industries or get some on eBay but I would rather get an old pair and work on them to make em nice. Plus I don't want to spend $300
  12. hugh68charger

    Here is one that doesn't fit Main Street Media agenda

    New York Post‘Savage monster’ accused of decapitating pregnant ex-girlfriend, throwing head in dumpster3 days ago
  13. hugh68charger

    Today i had a very bad day (Broke parts worth 2k)

    I had a similar situation.... my problem was the bolts were too long and were bottoming out and they seemed tight but were not holding the fan tight. It has been awhile and I can't remember which bolts but my fan came apart and went into my radiator and broke the shroud. Thankfully it was an old...
  14. hugh68charger

    Need pictures of 69 Charger seat belts locations

    I thought this was gonna be the one.... I have the seatbelts that are above the window on my 2nd gen. Charger but I never had the clips to keep them from flapping when the windows are down. Does anyone have a pic of where they go or info on where to get them?