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  1. R. Everett

    73 Plymouth Satellite 8 3/4 rear proportioning valve, changing rear drum brakes to disc brakes

    I ended up using a Wilwood combination valve ( proportioning valve) and it’s been working fine. Had to make new lines off from my old master cylinder but used all the other lines, just bent them up. I also had to buy longer lug studs due to the rotor taking up all the thread
  2. R. Everett

    73 Plymouth Satellite 8 3/4 rear proportioning valve, changing rear drum brakes to disc brakes

    73 Plymouth satellite, I am converting the rear brakes from drum to disc brakes, what proportioning valve do I use? 8 3/4 rear end, currently has power front disk brakes and 11inch rear drum brakes. Thanks in advance for your help!
  3. R. Everett

    FOR SALE 71-74 B body bucket seat backs Green $150

    71-74 B body bucket seat backs Green $150 In pretty good shape needs a little cleaning. Waldorf Maryland 20603.
  4. R. Everett

    FOR SALE 71-74 B body bucket seat frames $150

    71-74 bucket seat frames with all the hardware. I took one picture at the end to show you what they looked like before I took the foam and material off. Seat frames are in good shape. Local pick up only. $150 Waldorf Maryland 20603.
  5. R. Everett

    FOR SALE Road Runner Floor shift Column

    Just an FYI That is a 74 ONLY column... because the column has they the button you have to push to remove the key, 73 didn't have that. Would you sell the steering wheel separate? Ship it 20603 Waldorf Maryland? Thanks
  6. R. Everett

    FOR SALE 73-74 Satellite green bucket seats (fire damage) with center council - $400 Firm

    73 Satellite green bucket seats with center council, seats have fire damage but frames, seat backs and seat tracks are still good. The center council is in great shape for its age. Seat tracks for the 73-74 are very hard to find. Price is firm. No shipping, located in Waldorf Maryland 20603 I do...
  7. R. Everett

    ‘73 Road Runner rear bumper brackets?

    Do you still need the bumper brackets? I have a set from a 73 Satellite that have been cleaned up and epoxy primered.
  8. R. Everett

    FOR SALE 71-74 Charger Power Bulge Hood $525

    I have a 1973 power bulge hood or Rallye hood that has only surface rust, but the paint on it looks like it was brushed on. It does have the hood pin holes in it. Located in Waldorf Maryland 20603, hood does look glossy but it is not, just wet. Overall in very good shape, pictures doesn't due...
  9. R. Everett

    WTB 73 Satellite front windshield

    I need a windshield for a 2 door 1973 Satellite , hopefully some where close to Maryland so it doesn't need to be shipped. I know they have them aftermarket for $400 shipped is pretty steep.. Thanks
  10. R. Everett

    Wanted 73-74 B-body bucket seat tracks or tracks thet will work

    I am looking for bucket seat tracks for a 73 Road Runner, My understanding is that the 71-74 E-body bucket seat tracks will work too. They say they are just shorter, which is OK because I am over 6 feet tall. Thanks in advance.
  11. R. Everett

    73 Road Runner Electrical issues with fix

    I just wanted to pass along how I troubleshoot my electrical issues, what I found and the fix. This took me a while that’s why the post is so long, hope it helps someone. Before I started the wiring I took my front seat out and the steering wheel off for easier access, gave me plenty of room...
  12. R. Everett

    73 Road Runner inside column pictures and steering wheel

    I took some pictures while I took apart my steering column, maybe it can help someone for a reference while they put theirs back together. Non tilt
  13. R. Everett

    Wanted a 73-74 Steering column wiring connector/ blinker switch

    Does anyone have a Steering column wiring connector/ blinker switch or now where I can get one? I am looking for the connector on the vehicle side because the new blinker assembly comes with a new connector.
  14. R. Everett

    Police poverty / dog dish hub caps

    Do you still have the caps?
  15. R. Everett

    Switching From 120 MPH to 150 MPH Speedo

    I changed from a 120 to a 150 and had no issues. Speedo was still accurate as it was before the swap
  16. R. Everett

    440 has 2 cylinders not firing, #5 and #8 after installation

    Ended up changing the lifters and still had issues, so I scoped the cylinders so I could see the valves and the valves were not closing all the way, Just barely closing so I went to 440 source and bought adjustable rocker arms then ordered the correct length pushrods and the compression went up...
  17. R. Everett

    FOR SALE 73-74 B Body interior parts

    Misc. parts for cluster with clock and 150 Mph speedo. Speedo and clock are for parts only, rusted up. $15 + shipping, cluster it self has a chip out of it,$45+ shipping , Glove box $25 + shipping, steering wheel $100 + ride. Ships from Waldorf, Maryland 20603
  18. R. Everett

    FOR SALE 73-74 b body parts

    Parts are located In Waldorf Maryland 20603
  19. R. Everett

    FOR SALE 73-74 b body parts

    I have some parts left over from a build that is almost complete. All parts are for 73-74 Satellite, Road Runner, and maybe other years. I have a rear back seat, $$free , you pay shipping, prefer for you to pick up. Rear bumper bracket $70 + shipping, A/C heating controls with brackets, $35 +...
  20. R. Everett

    Do you have Rear bumper brackets for a 73-74 Road runner?

    Does anyone have Rear bumper brackets for a 73-74 Road runner? Mine are very rusty and in need of replacement, Thanks