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  1. gtxrt

    FOR SALE ch4b intake manifold

  2. gtxrt

    short shaft tranny

    if you need a short shaft 727 can you use the long shaft tranny and put the short shaft on it ?
  3. gtxrt

    How tight is it safe to lash street Hemi valves

    to loose is is as bad or worse than to tight.
  4. gtxrt

    9 Month Wait For a Stock 440 Rebuild, and Then This

    better the smaller cam then the bigger one. it is smaller then stock though be nice to have some thing in the middle 216-218 intake and 222-224 exhaust with 470-480 lift.
  5. gtxrt

    WTB 318 poly intake

    looking for a 318 poly 4 barrel intake.
  6. gtxrt

    autolite plugs

    went from xr5 ngk to 4275 autolites. the porcelain is shorter on the 4275 so must be a cooler plug. dida check on the 4275 they seem to run cleaner. 4275 are a non resister plug so maybe getting a hotter spark.
  7. gtxrt

    autolite plugs

    what is the difference between autolite 4275 and 75 plugs
  8. gtxrt

    Engine build suggestions

    with 165 avg cranking compression is about 9.3-9.4 compression. i would go 1 size smaller cam. with the smaller comp xe 268 which as [email protected] and not the larger 274 has [email protected]. you will a gain more tq and lose a little hp.
  9. gtxrt

    the bowl area

    yes that would work. just think with new light weight pistons and thin rings plus a modern camshaft with all else being equal what power it could make.
  10. gtxrt

    the bowl area

    very impressive but nothing i would build for the street especially with 4450 lb car with 2.94 gears. ran those pistons years ago speed pro-trw heavy weight. also ran that cam years ago with 245* - 245* at .050 to much duration never turned on till 3500 rpms with a bad idle and no vacuum for...
  11. gtxrt

    the bowl area

    yes hits 3rd at 90 mph
  12. gtxrt

    the bowl area

    it's in a 1967 newport 4400 lbs with me in it no headers. small cam
  13. gtxrt

    the bowl area

    i know it was a performance valve job with back cut. when i do a compression test the needle swings up high on the first crank. i have a g-tech meter it shows if i recall 14.18 at 97 mph with 2.94 sure grip. he spent a lot of time getting valve and spring height even because am not running...
  14. gtxrt

    the bowl area

    it has a very good valve job runs great now. i would have to pull the heads back off. for 20 hp i think i will do it. if i knew the engine was going to run this good i would of done it when i did the rebuilt lol
  15. gtxrt

    the bowl area

    is there any gain in cleaning up the bowl area in 915 heads with a nice valve job already. if so where is the gain if not revving much over 5000 rpms. thanks for your opinions.
  16. gtxrt

    fender tag 71 super bee

    thanks what code is the 323 gears and code for the hood
  17. gtxrt

    fender tag 71 super bee

    trying to decode please help. gear ratio ?
  18. gtxrt

    440 Head Gasket Advice

    i like mahle graphite head gaskets
  19. gtxrt

    Single plane Manifold.

    fuel might be getting to hot.