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  1. 69 Charger Mark

    69 Charger Wood Grain Steering Wheel Identification

    What is the correct wood grain steering wheel for a 69 Charger. I see some where the 3 spokes look more like a "Y" and other that are more flat and look like a "T". Thanks in advance.
  2. 69 Charger Mark

    69 charger wiper motor

    I'm trying to replace the wiper motor in my 69 charger but was wondering how to get the nut off the back of the wiper motor that holds the arms on. I've got the radio out and I can see the nut but my arm is to big to get in there and get my hand on it. The car has AC / Heat so I can't come up...
  3. 69 Charger Mark

    Adjust Brake Light Switch

    Hey Guys, I've got a 69 Charger w/ 440 mag and 727 auto. My problem is that the brake lights stay on and it appears that the brake pedal is to far away from being able to depress the switch. If I pull on it by hand the lights go out. The brakes work fine and I cannot pull the pedal up closer to...
  4. 69 Charger Mark

    Power Steering Gear Box Change out

    Hey Guys, Need some help with this one. I have a 69 Charger w/ 440 magnum and headers and need to replace my power steering gearbox and power steering pump. (I'm going back with another power steering box and pump) The mechanic I have it at says that it could take him up to 10 hours @ $90 hour...