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  1. Terry1213

    Did you already sell it?

    Did you already sell it?
  2. Terry1213

    The Official Rear Main Seal replacement thread

    I got mine from Indy Cyl Heads. Works fine. This may have already been said but remember the main seal can only go in one way. The raised edges go toward the front of the motor.
  3. Terry1213

    18 3/4 radiator upgrade?

    About 450 HP. It's a mild build a bit above stock. I live in the desert, and during the summer, it got warm sitting but never overheated. Call Cool Craft and see what they say. I would go with a 26-inch if you can fit it. Bigger is probably better when it comes to radiators and high HP big blocks.
  4. Terry1213

    18 3/4 radiator upgrade?

    440. Stock plus a 509 cam. Electric fan. Plymouth GTX, 1966-69 V8 383/426/440 22 Inch Wide Aluminum Radiator - Cool Craft
  5. Terry1213

    18 3/4 radiator upgrade?

    I got a 22 inch aluminum from Cool Craft/US Radiator. Works great.
  6. Terry1213

    Power loss

    Make sure the orange box has a really good ground. Carefully scrape some paint where the ground makes contact with the firewall. Orange box was my problem. I got a new old stock NAPA chrome box. Works better than ever.