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    Finally got to drive my car today!

    Send some pics ..I just finished my '63 (aboit a 10 yr process)time seems to go alot quicker when we get older. I am also looking forward to the good weather and the local tracks opening Enzo
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    Your favorite 62-65 B-body ?

    62-65 b body favorite partial to '63 dodges Yes because I own one
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    Header/exhaust question

    Headers Give TTI a call or check their website I used them for my '63 dodge 440 I installed a hemi and purchased TTI headers and complete exhaust system Wasn't cheap but the fit was almost perfect (had an issue with my mini starter and header clearance) but TTI resolved it good luck and...
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    Brake fluid neutralizer

    Hi Guys Noticed a large paint bubble on the underside of the '63 turns out it is brake fluid- haven't figured out the cause yet What will neutralize brake fluid for repaint? thanks
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    '63 dodge interior trim

    '63 interior pictures Sent this a while ago only got (1) one response I need pictures of a "330" or "440" model dodge interior thanks Enzo
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    '63 dodge interior trim

    I am in the process of restoring my '63 dodge "440" sedan and I'm at the stage of installing the interior. I think I have all the pieces I need but not sure how the interior roof rail trim appears.If any of the list members could forward some interior trim photos the help would be much...