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    I would like to be wrong on this 67 Coronet...

    I was referring to #1 post picture, again looks correct other than missing the R/T emblem. Doesn't have the horizontal bar. Post #39 I believe isn't the vehicle that the OP was referring to ??
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    I would like to be wrong on this 67 Coronet...

    What's wrong about the grill ? It's missing the R/T emblem but other than that it looks correct (blank centre section).
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    I would like to be wrong on this 67 Coronet...

    If you wanted to bring this car back to its former glory be prepared to invest a lot of $$$. Hard to find some specific parts = expensive. If you want to flip it possibly make some $$. Either way I believe you need to purchase much cheaper than the advertised price. I also believe it's the...
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    B body owners trailer question

    Lots of good points brought up such as 20' trailers seem to be all over and not selling, 20' external dimensions you lose 6" or so, it will fit but just , and one that I encountered is the tie down anchors will be too close togeather and hard to tether down properly and comfortably. Meaning...
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    1967 Coronet Fender Tag Question

    I agree. I was just adding to the other members comments of things/parts that are found on original 67 coronet R/T's. The speedometer hadn't been mentioned.
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    1967 Coronet Fender Tag Question

    Along with everything else that has been pointed out it should have a 150 mph speedometer if indeed it is a real 67 coronet R/T.
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    Anyone know where to get a reproduction Vin Tag?

    Well I can understand both sides. Reasonable arguments for both. Problem with everything and anything is there is always someone trying to take advantage. If the person who needs/gets a replacement Vin tag or fender tag is upfront and full disclosure as to why when how etc the replacement...
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    Seat side cover identification bucket rt

    To answer your question about inner and outer seat skirts, I believe on a 67 R/T they came standard equipped with bucket seats and if you opted for either a console or buddy seat they were deleted. If the car was built without either console/buddy seat the seat had skirts on the inner side as...