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  1. daytona kid

    The Willomet Charger

    Good stuff! I used butt and lap welds in different spots depending on what I felt best and/or easiest. You got/gonna use butt weld clamps?
  2. daytona kid

    1968 Charger, Ray Barton 528 Hemi, Pro-touring.

    Welcome Jar! Will be watching this one!.. I have Hemi envy,., Great work!, 68s rule!
  3. daytona kid

    The Willomet Charger

    Wow! That looks like something off a bulldozer..lol..
  4. daytona kid

    The Willomet Charger

    Broach cutters are probably the most valuable tool we use to rebuild these cars, as far as making the job easier. Keep it lubed. Good work!
  5. daytona kid

    Modern Bullitt build

    Wow, great idea for that door gap. I wondered about a way to fix that, mine has a big one also. Wish I had done that, too late now.
  6. daytona kid

    Adjusting camber/caster

    If you are worried about your drive shaft I strongly suggest checking it for safety's sake.. I had one let go in the traps at the local strip going 100mph, it chased me down the shutdown area. The vibs broke all the mount ears off the 4 spd trans and shattered the stock bell house like an...
  7. daytona kid

    Adjusting camber/caster

    Not sure if that is how to explain it but seems more like setting both at once, I should have mentioned I also check the camber at center steering position between going left and right. I jack the car to near ride height with wheels removed to do caster and camber but it can be done with wheels...
  8. daytona kid

    Adjusting camber/caster

    I have done my front end alignments the old old school way for years with good outcomes. I put the front end up level, loosen the torsion bar adjusters completely, turn the wheels full left, put a level on the wheel or hub, adjust till straight with level up and down on wheel or hub, turn wheels...
  9. daytona kid

    1969 ratrod dodge charger

    Very neat stuff, especially the rear seat butt warming system.. lol
  10. daytona kid

    Outer wheels housing tub

    I took the step/hump out of mine on my 68 charger. A few guys here have done it also on b-bodys. We call it dehumping the outer wheel house. It gives big tires more room if car is lowered or has tall wide tires. If you look in my thread you can see one way of doing it...
  11. daytona kid

    Who's car is this?

    I have a special fascination with it because it looks like my 1st RR that I got in 1970., same color anyway..lol.. Looks like the owner's name is Mike Smoker, yea right!
  12. daytona kid

    '68 Charger - to driveability and beyond!

    I had to take my bare body on stands on the trailer 50 miles to the neighboring state with my bud for a DMV inspector to confirm the vin, lol. He came out and said laughing "what the heck is that?, that's not a car that's a piece of a car.". We explained the rules/laws to him then he signed it...
  13. daytona kid

    '68 Charger - to driveability and beyond!

    You'll need to call your local/closest DMV or county court clerk tag/registration office and ask them what you will have to do. Rules, laws, and procedures differ from state to state. I actually got a friend in a close neighboring state to apply for lost title for mine, after I "sold" it to him...
  14. daytona kid

    '68 Charger - to driveability and beyond!

    68 Charger's Rule! Imo they are among the more rare and sought after old mopars. Mine was a lost title deal also, it took some work but I got it titled. Mine looked a lot like yours as far as work needed. Plenty of info here to help you. But check with Classic Ind., Summit, Jegs, etc, or other...
  15. daytona kid

    what seats are u running I just put 2004 durango seats in my 74

    I have some of those brackets "new" that I'll sell cheap, if someone needs some pm me...
  16. daytona kid

    Subframe connectors on a rotisserie

    UScartool has pics on their site of them being welded while in a rotis..
  17. daytona kid

    blown 70 charger progress

    No trophy? Hard to believe!