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  1. DownZero

    A few Mopars at today's show

    Beautiful day here in maryland. About 400 cars in today's show. Very few mopars. If the boat tail Riviera looks familiar, yea, it's the one that came from Counts Kustoms.
  2. DownZero

    Towing question

    My plan in the near future is to get a 22 or 24 foot enclosed trailer for my charger. I know I would be covered with both for capacity and payload with a ram 2500 but I was wondering if a 1500 would suffice. Truck would be 4x4.
  3. DownZero

    This weekend wings & wheels

    Nice little car show. Not a whole lot of mopars though. I did win a photo shoot with my car with a blue angel. Thought it was pretty cool.
  4. DownZero

    Wings & Wheels

    Thought I would post a few pics from this weekend's wings & wheels event. Only 2 mopars there. Mine would be the charger. I did manage to win the "directors choice" award.
  5. DownZero

    Looking for help

    Are there any members in the Niagra Falls area? My wife found a car she's interested in and was hoping someone could check it out for me. Can be compensated for your time. Problem is its not a mopar. (I know but whatever makes the wife happy).