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  1. prhousejr

    New Canuck member

    Awesome green. I love it. Welcome.
  2. prhousejr

    New guy up here in the Mtn of Colorado

    Hello Roger!!
  3. prhousejr

    Hello from Burbank, CA

    sweet car, welcome.
  4. prhousejr

    Hello from Detroit

    Hey DETROIT!!! Rock on brother. You will love it here.
  5. prhousejr

    New member from Queens, NY

    you will love it here... Welcome.
  6. prhousejr

    new from tx with alot of mopar knowledge

    Easy there 69, I may take you up on it next time I have an electrical gremlin :tongueflap:
  7. prhousejr


    Welcome again....
  8. prhousejr

    new from tx with alot of mopar knowledge

  9. prhousejr


    Welcome to the site!!!
  10. prhousejr

    New from Indiana

    Ummmmmm, Where are the pictures??? Oh, and WELCOME!!!
  11. prhousejr

    "new to the place"

    Hello......Have fun.
  12. prhousejr

    Old Kid on the Block

  13. prhousejr

    Old Kid on the Block

    At least make it an A......He is new:tongueflap:
  14. prhousejr

    Old Kid on the Block

    Welcome. To post pics go advanced in stead of doing a quick post. Then scroll down to manage attachments, that is where you can upload from your picture files. Glad to have ya, you will like it here, and dont worry about the typing there are no grades given here.
  15. prhousejr

    Lots of new faces !

    Big THANKS Runner!:grin:
  16. prhousejr

    Hello hello

  17. prhousejr

    Hi from Richmond, VA.

    welcome. All b bodies are worthy of pics.....:grin:
  18. prhousejr

    New guy

    Real nice ride
  19. prhousejr

    Me too.... New!

  20. prhousejr

    new guy