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  1. Mheiron

    Silver Metallic paint stripes

    So I’m painting a 69 Charger in silver metallic base. I plan to follow up with a House of Kolor Kandy. First complete car I’ve tried painting. The car is dis-assembled and on a cart for painting. I didn’t really appreciate how hard silver is to paint. Everything on the car has an epoxy primer...
  2. Mheiron

    reproduction air con hoses

    I really like what you did with the hoses. How did you go about the adapter to go from the flanged rv2 connectors to modern hose connectors? I just got my compressor back on the car withh all the pulleys. Now alls I have to do is sort out the hoses. The evaporated and condenser are getting...
  3. Mheiron

    FOR SALE 69 Charger Project Car - 383 / 727 matching

    Wow is about all you can say. It would be good to see more shots of the body especially the extra welding done. Floors, trunk, etc. Have any panels been replaced or is it needing metal work? I would add photos of the numbers behind the Radiator support and the trunk lip since their isn’t a VIN...
  4. Mheiron

    742 differential and green bearings

    Yes, not needed with Green axle bearings
  5. Mheiron

    1977 440 History?

    Got to the oil pan rail numbers today: Confirmed the bore is 4.30 so it must have 50thou. wear and never bored. The stroke is 3.71”. I’ll drop the pan next and will add those photos.
  6. Mheiron

    1977 440 History?

    The stamp by the distributor says 7T 440 EHP. Any idea what the bore size should be? I checked against the 69 Service Manual. All very interesting info. Fun learning about the motor. The heads seem to have the correct part number for a ‘77
  7. Mheiron

    1977 440 History?

    So I have this old motor that came in a barn find 1969 Charger And it was a long way from running. Digging in to it this weekend and found the tappets were ground way down. I assume the cam is also gone. I’m mainly trying to decide if the block is junk or not. I would also like to find a...
  8. Mheiron

    Stock AC compressor brackets

    The two groove water pump pulley doesn’t work. It’s a single groove. I finally got it back together
  9. Mheiron

    Stock AC compressor brackets

    From the Service Manual. Ive installed a two groove pulley on the WP and the PS belt runs over it (different from the manual).
  10. Mheiron

    Stock AC compressor brackets

    The crank pulley is 4 groove with a slightly asymmetric bolt pattern. The back 2 grooves run the Alternator and AC compressor. The water pump pulley is two groove And runs off the 2nd groove back. the WP pulley runs with the idler Which tensions the belt. The front groove on the crank pulley...
  11. Mheiron

    Stock AC compressor brackets

    Its also worth noting that the AC clutch assembly needs removal to mount or dismount the compressor. Or ar least it’s much easier!
  12. Mheiron

    Stock AC compressor brackets

    For reference, I’ve attached these photos for a reference to anyone installing an OEM AC system. The AC system for the car was in the trunk when I purchase it. I had a lot of trouble figuring this out with few references around. The needed fan belt lengths are included. Anyway one step...
  13. Mheiron

    Cruise Control Unit Rebuild

    So I was curious if anyone has had any experience getting an original cruise control unit to work or if it was worth it to try. The current unit appears to have been disconnected from the carb and the vacuum line was removed but otherwise appears to be complete. The wiring harness is still in...
  14. Mheiron

    Spintech Low profile mufflers?

    Anyone familiar with these Spintech mufflers and low profile stuff? I have a new 4 link setup with crossbar taking up a lot of space. I’d like to keep it flowing out the back of the car. thanks for any info.
  15. Mheiron

    Paint gun questions..been a long time

    Depends on your wallet and your tolerance. I’d get the best HLVP gun you can afford. Use the Devilbiss disposable cups. You need a 1.3 tip for paint or clear. A modern gun will Atomize the paint better. I have a collection of paint guns from cheap to the DV1 paint and clear guns. I have three...
  16. Mheiron

    Raw fenders what to prime it with?

    Use Acetone to clean your gun. It’s the only thing that cleans off filler as well.
  17. Mheiron

    Raw fenders what to prime it with?

    I apply epoxy primer. Some say it’s hard to sand but I didn’t have a problem with the Eastwood stuff. Only no-no is putting self etching primer under filler. That creates a problem at the beginning.
  18. 69 Charger Hellcat

    69 Charger Hellcat - March 2023 Update

    Sanded everything to 600. Eastwood epoxy primer reduced 20% as a sealer which was a disaster . Had to sand all that smooth. Silver base coat is on. Next, flake coat, candy then clear, with Pearl in the first coat. Then on to color sanding etc. Not going fast but I have a daytime job as well...
  19. Mheiron

    Painting the 69 Restomod

    The project is moving ahead slowly. I’ve got the trunk and engine compartment in base color along with the panel backs. Then the weather turned to crap. I shot everything with epoxy primer sealer with 20% reducer but that had a million flaws so I sanded the sealer back with 600 grit and it’s...