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  1. daytona kid

    Speedo locked up?

    I've never had my speedo working since I put my 68 charger together. I thought it only needed a cable so I got one. It broke before the needle ever moved. The speedo was frozen. I then made a tool that fit in the speedo in place of the cable, shot some wd40 on/in it and got it spinning, but it's...
  2. daytona kid

    correct speedo cable?

    I got this cheap speedo cable and wondering if it is the one I need for my 68 charger ? /with 727auto and stock rally dash speedometer.. Is that white plastic connector correct?
  3. daytona kid

    what nuts for 68 charger quarter extensions?

    I think I found some, if these are the same.>http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_nkw=charger%20quarter%20panel%20extension%20nuts&afsrc=1&rmvSB=true
  4. daytona kid

    where to find rear frame brkt?

    Anyone know where I can purchase these new? And what is the correct name for them?
  5. daytona kid

    where do these extra trunk brackets go?

    I bought the 3 piece trunk brace from amd and can't see where the small ones go on my 68 charger. Are they for the fuel tank? Anyone no of a link with an exploded view?