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  1. DownZero

    Cooper Cobra Tires??

    My 1 year old Coopers are also turning brown. Thinking about using tire paint.
  2. DownZero

    Should i ditch the 14inch crager ss 's and put 15 inch?

    Love the look of the old school Cragers. Just did mine recently.
  3. DownZero

    Wheel decision help

    Well, got them from summit last week. I installed them the other day. I'm happy with the outcome.
  4. DownZero

    Wheel decision help

    Getting ready to order my wheels. Is a 3.5" center bore adequate for a 69 charger?
  5. DownZero

    Wheel decision help

    Yea, I was looking for a little take to it.
  6. DownZero

    Wheel decision help

    I know there are multiple threads on this subject but most info I see are on larger wheel/ tire combos. This is what I was thinking of installing: 69 charger, stock suspension, front disc brakes Front: Crager 610c 15x7 5x4.5 bc 4.25 backspace 6mm offset 235/60/15 tires. Rear...