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  1. BIG-A

    What are your favorite instrumental songs?

    The last 4 minutes of Free Bird
  2. BIG-A

    Ram 3500 frame breaks

    MOPAR denied the warranty claim due to his specific truck specs and the fact that he was overloaded.
  3. BIG-A

    Spray on detail mist

    I use the Meguiar's and like it pretty good. http://www.meguiarsdirect.com/product/final-inspection
  4. BIG-A

    Bad deal with Mike Gaines

    Quick update, Mike messaged me last night and agreed to refund $150. This will at least get the heads ready to bolt on and then I can deal with the valve covers and intake. I talked to a local powder coat shop and explained the situation and he said he would help me out on cleaning up the valve...
  5. BIG-A

    Bad deal with Mike Gaines

    Mike has responded tonight and states that he will consider my proposal for a partial refund, he stated that he would let me know with in 48 hours. I'll update with the outcome.
  6. BIG-A

    Bad deal with Mike Gaines

    Thank you for the offer, I will pm you tonight
  7. BIG-A

    Bad deal with Mike Gaines

    Sent Mike a message this morning requesting a partial refund, we will see how he responds. Hopefully we can come to an agreement. That was my play money and took me about 8 months of working side jobs to pocket it. Hard to have play money with the wife and two young kids always needing...
  8. BIG-A

    Bad deal with Mike Gaines

    To me ready to bolt on means just that, maybe others have a different opinion. Heres a PM he sent me claiming ready to bolt on.
  9. BIG-A

    Bad deal with Mike Gaines

    I did but as a gift so he didnt have to pay fees. Pretty much Im stuck.
  10. BIG-A

    Bad deal with Mike Gaines

    My brother wanted to see the parts when they came in, and I was embarrassed to show him. I feel like it was a hard earned $1000 wasted.
  11. BIG-A

    Bad deal with Mike Gaines

    Long story short I jumped on the deal to purchase some parts from Mike that seemed like a bargain. The main parts were heads, intake, rocker arms and valve covers. The items I received were not as described and Mike refuses to make the deal right. Here is a link to the for sale ad...
  12. BIG-A

    Was nice being here but I am now leaving.

    Looks bent in the original posting to me? Where are the photos of how it was received?
  13. BIG-A

    Help please.

  14. BIG-A

    Insurance Recommendations

    I had State Farm for 13 years on my RoadRunner at $94 per 6 month with original agreed value of $14000. I recently went to my local office and filled out paperwork to increase the agreed value to $25000. I received a call back stating they modified my collector car policy to general use, due to...
  15. BIG-A

    What did you do to your Mopar today?

    M1 and E-Street 75cc.
  16. BIG-A

    What did you do to your Mopar today?

    I stood in the garage looking at the new parts I'm accumulating, getting eager to pull the motor.
  17. BIG-A

    What did you do to your Mopar today?

    I installed new upper control arms/ball joints, lower ball joints, Rancho shocks front and rear, rotors and pads on my 2004 Ram 2500.
  18. BIG-A

    If we weren't Mopar fans.

    It would be a Grand National for me.
  19. BIG-A


    I drove 4 hours one time to pick up a Duster from Georgia. We spoke to the owner and he assured us it only needed minimal restoration and it had been sitting behind his barn for a long time. We arrived and took a walk through the woods behind the barn to find the car. Aside from the trees...
  20. BIG-A

    Let's see your power plants

    mild cammed 383 with bolt on's, plus 125 shot.