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  1. Should be playing golf

    Rebuilding 3 speed wiper motor?

    Bruce Somer is first class. Great work, fast turn around, and fair price...nice guy, give him a call. Motors are brand new when you get them back. :thumbsup:
  2. Should be playing golf

    Ammeter pegged but voltage at 14v

    Ammeters were fine when these cars had reasonably new and clean (no rust/corrosion, etc.) bulkhead connectors. Best thing to do is by-pass that potential weak spot with a direct 6/8 ga. red line from Alt. to Bat. All accessories tapped into the wire from bulkhead to ammeter will stay put and...
  3. Should be playing golf

    440 6 pack distributor and ignition.

    No problem, even with MSD equipment.
  4. Should be playing golf

    Got my *** kicked

    Now if you could only fix those gas gauge issues! You'd have your own private island in the Bahamas.
  5. Should be playing golf

    BYPASS the AMMETER? (1969 A12)

    Solve all your problems instantly by running a parallel 8ga. red wire directly from the Alt. battery post to the + battery post. Leave the factory wires through the bulkhead to the ammeter, etc. (This wiring will continue to power your headlights, ignition, fuse box, etc.) Just replace any...
  6. Should be playing golf

    Mini Starter Doesn’t Fit

    I installed a Powermaster 9513 in my 69 440 GTX and it fit like a glove!!! The only difference between the two is that there is no nose cone on the starter. For what it's worth... I live close to the Powermaster plant and bought my starter directly from them at the factory and the engineer at...
  7. Should be playing golf

    poll about ammeter reading

    Ya, but I voted the most often!