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    New member from Charlotte, NC - '72 Satellite

    It's B5 blue. I messed around with it this weekend. I've got an ill fitting intake manifold so my vacuum is a little weak. The timing is a little odd as well as it likes 17° of initial timing. I know that's high, but it surely doesn't like less. Otherwise it drives pretty well, so I'm going...
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    New guy here

    Welcome! I'm looking to put a 392 Gen III in my '72 satellite as well, so I'll be following closely. Good luck with the build.
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    New guy from North Carolina

    Welcome from another guy in NC
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    New member from Charlotte, NC - '72 Satellite

    Man, didn't even occur to me the car was 50 this year. While that would be cool, I doubt I'd be able to make the trip this year. Maybe one of these days though.
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    New member from Charlotte, NC - '72 Satellite

    You guys asked for more pictures, so here they are. The trim was mostly blacked out when I got it, but I've blacked out the parking light housings and vinyl wrapped the vertical window trim and door handles.
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    New member from Charlotte, NC - '72 Satellite

    Hello all. I've been lurking on this for a few months now. I picked up a '72 satellite that has recently been restored. Nothing really is original, but that's fine with me. It's a 318 with a 3spd. I had a 2009 challenger I owned for 13 years that I was reluctant to let go of, but after...