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  1. John Hogan

    Trying to figure out if what I’m missing between my bumper and trunk is called “rear bumper filler” on my 74 Road Runner.

    I.ve been looking for that center bumper filler for over a year. Seems the original reproduction is no longer being produced. If anyone has a source I would sure be happy to know where they can be ordered.
  2. John Hogan

    HELP!!! '73 RR Window Felts

    Thanks, as I replied to Dako they are out of stock!
  3. John Hogan

    HELP!!! '73 RR Window Felts

    Thanks, they are out of stock with no ETA! Frustrating to say the least.
  4. John Hogan

    HELP!!! '73 RR Window Felts

    Having been 30+ years since I restored a Mopar I had no idea what I was in for parts. The good old days you could find most stuff in a boneyard! My latest search is for the correct window felts for my '73 RR. I have contacted a couple of sources and they say their replacements don't have the...
  5. John Hogan

    '73 Road Runner Rear Corner Bumper Fillers

    Looks like another batch of corner rear bumper fillers has been released. I purchased a set from ABCMoparts since I was so happy with their dash pad. But it looks like they only have 1 left at this time: https://abcmoparts.com/home/ols/products/ply-sat-rear-corner-bumper-fillers Also AMS...
  6. John Hogan

    Need windshield moulding clips...

    Haven't tried to order but found this site researching for my build: https://www.millsupply.com/auto-body-rust-repair-panels/accessories/fasteners-clips-bolts-nuts-screws/door-pin-window-molding-clip-kits/windshield-rear-window-reveal-moulding-clips-stud-screw-kits-ford-chrysler/