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  1. John Hogan

    Cam bearing issue

    When I tore down my 340 I noticed the cam bearings were not centered in their bores. Didn't think much about it, just thought whoever built the motor the last time was sloppy. However, when I went to install the new bearings I noticed the oiling holes in the black on #2,3 and 4 aren't nearly...
  2. John Hogan

    Copper rods and now undersized crank bearings?

    The 73 RR 340 that I purchased had about 110,000 miles on it. Seller told me that the original owner told him the engine was untouched since purchased new. It is a #matching block to the car. Well, the copper rods I posted about earlier were obviously factory, but I found the engine to have...
  3. John Hogan

    Copper color connecting rods

    I've rebuilt more than a few big and small blocks and never seen copper color connecting rods. Tearing down my 1973 340 to go to the machine shop I found that #3,6 and 7 connecting rods are copper colored. The #3 and #7 rods have no markings on the machined pad while the #6 rod has what appears...
  4. John Hogan

    340 stock cam question

    OK gang, I haven't built a motor in 30 years. And all the motors I built back then were for street/strip. I always ran Mopar Performance cams. Now I have a 1973 340 in a Road Runner I'm currently restoring and I plan on using it for cruising and possible road trips. This car won't be visiting...
  5. John Hogan

    1973 340 Valve cover question

    Going through the 340 in my 1973 Road Runner brought up a silly question. I was told this motor had never been touched and by everything I found that seems true. I always thought the breather and pcv grommets were installed at the factory after the valve covers were painted. And that is how I...