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  1. MoparLeo

    What makes a engine a magnum?

    Looks like torque is the same but at a different RPM.
  2. MoparLeo

    What makes a engine a magnum?

    Cylinder heads, camshaft, intake and exhaust manifolds are the differences. I stand corrected on the heads and intake. https://musclecarclub.com/ultimate-chrysler-383-mopar-engine-guide/ "The High Performance and Truck Variants of the 383 From 1968–1970, there was a high performance version...
  3. MoparLeo

    Identify axle bearings please - do I need end play adjustment on these?

    Here is the link for free service manual downloads. https://mymopar.com/service-manuals/ Section 3 Then just print the pages you want to use and you will never have a dirty/greasy manual.. Make sure to clean, inspect and repack the rear bearings. They are not lubricated by the diff fluid. And...
  4. MoparLeo

    Should i reuse Hydraulic lifters

    You said you checked the rings. How ? If you removed the pistons, it will be impossible to get the rings back in the exact same orientation. They wear oval shaped so would need replacing if removed from cylinders along with at least a cylinder hone.
  5. MoparLeo

    727A troubleshooting help...

    Factory procedure is to make sure it is on a level surface. Set parking brake. Start, let run at least 2 minutes. Run transmission selector through each gear for a few moments ending in neutral. When at operating temp check level. Should be between 1 pint low and full. ATF+4 fluid. Then do your...
  6. MoparLeo

    8 3/4 help

    First clue was using a hammer.. If it doesn't slide in you stop. If you don't know what you are doing, how do you know it looked good ? Good to find someone to help you that is familiar with differentials and get a Service manual before you do any more work.
  7. MoparLeo

    Stick with what I got, or try and find a "742"

    742 Very strong, easier to setup, no crush sleeve needed.
  8. MoparLeo

    Fill me in.

    318/340 forged rod same casting number. Both floating pins. Click on link. http://www.mopar1.us/Aengine.html#:~:text=interference%2Dfit%20screws.-,ROD%20INDENTIFCATION%3A,0.9480,-CRANK%20SPECIFICATIONS%3A
  9. MoparLeo

    440 Freeze plug replacement - Engine-in replacement?

    1 bad, all are bad. Just some are worse than others.
  10. MoparLeo

    Engine mount have a look

    Is this like the rear tires on my race car only have 5 1/4 miles on them and are worn out ?
  11. MoparLeo

    Is my crank .010 under?

    Measure it.
  12. MoparLeo

    Power timing

    "Power timing" is for hi rpm driving. like pedal down, track driving. Advance type doesn't matter since the timing is already all in. Ported, is for street driving. You set the initial with the vacuum disconnected and blocked. Timing curves will depend on what distributor you are running.
  13. MoparLeo

    742 differential and green bearings

    Be sure to save it if you decide later to go back to factory style bearings or list it for sale or its measurements for those trying to find one.
  14. MoparLeo

    Mating a 904 transmission to a 360

    Use new flex plate/converer bolts and torque them to specs. Cheap insurance.
  15. MoparLeo

    autolite plugs

    They just make radio static...
  16. MoparLeo

    wheel stud help

    There are now 1 piece hub/rotor replacements so you don't need special studs or swedging tools. 1966-1969 Mopar B-body 11 inch front disc brake rotors.PAIR
  17. MoparLeo

    8-3/4 Rear Axle Bearings

    A simple preventative service that most members may not be aware of is that the tapered bearings need to be hand greased occasionally. They are NOT lubricated by the differential fluid.
  18. MoparLeo

    8 3/4 diff colors

    MMC Detroit
  19. MoparLeo

    Chrysler 8 3/4 Axle bearing and Seal R&R...A How To

    A lot of weights on that drum. studs look nice.