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    Edlebrock 1405 carb surge

    You could try a couple things. First take the springs out under the metering rod pistons. Replace them with a stronger spring, or just stretch the spring and make it stronger, this will allow the rich step on the metering rod to come in quicker. I like to idle the engine and carefully slide...
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    Sniper Efi 68 Charger

    The wire that provided voltage to the original ballast resistor should be hot key on and cranking. Safest bet would be to use that wire to trigger a relay. Use the relay to switch a wire with enough amperage to operate the pump. I thought the Holley harness had a fuel pump relay already wired...
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    572 HEMI Cross Ram w/2 -770 Holleys - open to suggestions for intake change

    Not sure if you want all the horsepower possible? If so a tunnel ram would do that I am sure. On the street and for the nostalgic look I would keep the cross ram. But I just like crossrams, as mentioned tuning takes a little effort but once done they idle nice and have good low-end torque.
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    1970 Dodge Charger 440 4bll carburetor questions

    I agree find a better mechanic. On a stock application the Carter if right, will run just as good and get better mileage than the Holley. On a race engine the Holley would run better, but you have to buy a good Holley, not a vacuum secondary cheap one. If it is backfiring out one side of the...
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    Ported vacuum advance or manifold. Let's debate!

    read this discussion Ported vs manifold vacuum for ignition advance? - Don Terrill’s Speed-Talk The short answer is it depends on your engine and combo.
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    Holley Sniper first time bad results.

    I have installed both Holley and Fitech systems and used HP programmer to do swaps. From your description kind of hard to give you a cause. But The injectors are controlled by drivers basically a transistor. If the driver gets a big load on it, it will shut down. Causing a problem like you...
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    FiTech FI but general fuel line question

    1969 Cuda 408 procharger, FiTech EFI frame mounted electric pump, stock tank, did use the vent line for the return no issues.