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  1. win32exe

    WTB 1970 Challenger Front Caliper Bracket

    Hello Go Fly, do you still have the KH 80034? i may need one, i have bent spindle or caliper bracket, not sure how to check either one but my brake pads are wearing out slanted and pulling to that side, so its either the spindle or the bracket, i ordered a spindle, if that doesn't fix it, i...
  2. win32exe

    WTB 67 Belvedere II Strut Rod

    those should fit, how much with shipping? let me know
  3. win32exe

    WTB 67 Belvedere II Strut Rod

    Hey Team, i am in need of a strut rod for my 67 coupe, mine is bent. drivers side, if that matters? also, does anyone know if other years, models etc. will fit a 67? seems like there are 2 different sizes? GTX uses a larger thread maybe? not sure. Thank you Henry