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  1. Tex013

    Ran Sunset Nationals last weekend

    Raced interstate at the Sunset Nationals on Saturday Sunday . This was interstate @ Sunset Strip 1/8 mile event . A western conference round as part of the National Drag Racing Championship . Catchy name huh . 11 1/2 hours each way . Weekend was very hot , unusually so , though very dry as it...
  2. Tex013

    Race day testing for some away rounds

    Well we are past our winter hiatis and ready for racing here in Aus . Not only that but our new style national series has started and i aim to run a couple events . Now in saying that we are a big country with not a lot of tracks . My home track is Sydney Dragway , next track is 11hrs tow away ...
  3. Tex013

    The year is under way , 1st big meet of the year

    Well our year is well under way . Went out Friday / Saturday @ Sydney Dragway running a support class for the Australian Top Fuel Championship series .For us low bucks guys it was more of a glorified T&T . I have gone back to footbrake and running my Hoosier radial slicks for the foreseeable...
  4. Tex013

    Who is making 1965 Plymouth Belvedere fenders ?

    I put this in the 62-65 forum as well . Is it only Sled City ? I looked online noone else i can see . Looks like Larry doesnt use a website now , only fbook ? Tex
  5. Tex013

    Live drags from Darwin Australia

    This is friday and saturday night , qualifying friday . Started 30 mins ago Tex
  6. Tex013

    Racing at Sunset Strip Nationals this weekend

    Well finally have a chance to run an ANDRA national event this weekend . Bit if a haul . It is 1/8th mile racing . Weather is looking good @ 18 degC each day . Only worry is possible dust storms . Tex
  7. Tex013

    Had the new 505 out yesterday

    Bit of background first Well its just past 12 months since i split the block on my 505 . After searching around for a month or so i was lucky enough to find a brand new in box World iron block - here in Australia . Had it checked and fitted the rotating assembly from old motor , same TF270 heads...
  8. Tex013

    Grabbed another win today

    Rnd 6 of track championship today . The old 440 still has what it takes . 5 rounds of racing . 10.74 - 10,77 spread . Hit the tree ok , 0.009 in 1/4s 0.047 in semi and 0.008 in final . Got a little lucky in final the other racer broke the end off his crankshaft coming out if burnout . Hey a...
  9. Tex013

    Bought a unicorn today

    Well like a couple of you fellow racers i had engine issues mid year with my 505 big motor . Split the webbing at #4 up into water jacket . Well this last 2 weeks i got lucky . And today i bought a brand new in box World mopar iron block . 4.310 bore . This means i can reuse all my rotating...
  10. Tex013

    Got it done today

    Went to the annual Nostalgia drag meet today . Had a couple of hours drizzel so only 1 qualifier then 3 rounds of chicago shoot out before the final Car was hooking up fine , i finally got the tree better with the old small motor . DVW you would weep for the DA . It was cool Was a crappy...
  11. Tex013

    Well that tears it .

    Finaly got car out of the panel shop and into my shop yesterday . Time to locate the internal coolant leak . Motor and trans out last night . Pulled the heads and pan today . Was crossing fingers it was a bore issue . No such luck . Cracked #4 web from the cap to water jacket . Cracked along...
  12. Tex013

    Ran the TF 270 heads today

    Finally had a day at the track to try the new TF270 heads It was 1/8 competition with some 1/4 testing I had a couple of issues so ran 4 1/8 and 1 1/4 passes I reweighed the car 3690 lbs on startline These heads definately deliver 1/8 6.587 6.554 6.583 6.539 105.54 105.30 105.17 105.68...
  13. Tex013

    Who is running the TF270 head ?

    Ok , car ran real good Saturday for a runner up in local track championship round . But blew oil out the breathers last 2 passes . Come Monday there was some moisture in the valve covers . Compression was good . So I pulled the heads , 2 splits in the intake ports running into and up the...
  14. Tex013

    Well i ran the dominator

    Finally fitted and ran my new dominator lthis week , raced yesterday Have to run it with an adapter onto a M1 intake to fit under scoop . On freeway driving to track realised it was too lean on cruise , love my new Innovate lm2 So put front jets back to stock 84F AFR on track was spot on so that...
  15. Tex013

    Got it done yesterday

    Had last round of local track championship yesterday here in Sydney . 8 round series , first round rained out . Went in tied but leading championship . 5 rounds of racing , 19 entrants in class . Very hot day , high vapour and water grains . Got over 100pdeg middle if day . Mid to high 2000's DA...
  16. Tex013

    Got it done today

    Third final in a row today . Finally got the win ! After breaking out last 2 . 32 car field , never really got on the tree except in semi with a 0.006 But hey you got to take the breaks . Opponent redlit in final so ran it out for a [email protected] , DA was around 600 Tex
  17. Tex013

    Live stream local national championship round

    Live Friday and Saturday local time . Australian east coast standard time Available through 1320online.com https://play.ovo.com.au/thunder/live-stream I am running Super Street , 8.30am first up both days Tex
  18. Tex013

    New PB but still not close enough

    Round 3 track championship yesterday Car finally went 10.50s . 1/4s -10.57 @124.55 on brakes , semi [email protected] on brakes , finals [email protected] for a double breakout loss . Air came around from 2200 in quals to 1380 in the final and nearly an hour wait in the lanes due to an accident Argh 2...
  19. Tex013

    Close but not close enough

    Round 2 of local track championship on Saturday . Long day with oul downs and some light sprinkles Car was very consistant but driver less so . But good points and never turned the tyres Tex
  20. Tex013

    New PB with new motor

    Finally got to run my new 505 in my 68 Satellite last night . Though i wish i hadn't- we are in a heatwave at the moment . 113F at first pass . Only got 1 pass where i didnt spin . [email protected] . This was at 3100DA and 120 grains of water , up around .550 plus vapour pressure . So there seems...