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  1. 68chargerfreak

    70 torsion bar partial repair kit

    As far as I know there's no patch for the crossmember available. Probably stuck with waiting for a complete crossmember or sourcing a used section from a donor
  2. 68chargerfreak

    mopar door handles

    The button mechanism is screwed to the back of the handle. I don’t think the spring is available as a replacement part, but new handles come with the mechanism or find a used set at a swap meet and swap the parts over
  3. 68chargerfreak

    Windshield channel/gutter repair questions

    The bubble is is a common issue with mopars of that Era, corrosion is lifting the lead seam.grab a torch and melt the led off , better then grinding and getting lead in the air . The yellow box looks like the lead was worked into the window chanel. Red, melt the lead and fab a small patch ,or...
  4. 68chargerfreak

    Front floors install

    I would remove the drive train to alow access to the fire wall pinch welds ,also sometimes the pan needs to be jacked up to meet the rear pan and the drive shaft is usually in the way, The best way to set the car up is on stands. However make sure the stands are level with each other and not...
  5. 68chargerfreak

    Is this a good metal prep

    Sounds way to complicated. Degreas engine bay, strip paint with 3m 07470 Clean & Strip Discs and wire wheel, Prep steel to epoxy manufacturers recommendations (usually 80 grit) and shoot some epoxy. Also if you don't have any body work to do in the engine bay, let the epoxy flash off and paint...
  6. 68chargerfreak

    Paint cracking

    Who ever installed the lock cylinder/ emblem after the car was painted ,probably needed to file the paint build up around the holes to make the parts fit . Allowing moisture to be absorbed by the primer / filler that was left unpainted.
  7. 68chargerfreak

    AMD Frame Rail Question

    I have used both amd and goodmark rails in the last year, both have length issues. mostly due to the flanges at the torsion crossmember being bent sloppy, also have found some the "k" frame mounting plates to be off set of the rail center lines .causing the measurements to be off . If you...