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    Dustless Blasting for Undercoating?

    I have seen videos of people removing rubber from the inside of the car on the floor by dumping dry ice on it, letting it freeze, then it comes off super easy. I'm wondering if it's coming off due to it being cold, if that still wouldn't work. You could take out the seats and carpet, put a...
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    What is the best way to quit your job? Any advice?

    Got a job that just generally makes me sad and depressed. I polish medical stainless. It's a factory type job, put a part in a machine, hit a button, let it do its thing, inspect for flaws, do it again. I work with two people and the one guy hasn't spoken to me since an argument a year ago...
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    WTB 71 SSP wish list.

    ECS tank. Car was 318, now a 440. Don't know if they are different but if they are I need the one for the 440. Need the bracket that goes between the rad support and header panel. It's the piece that has the hood spring on it. My car had an outside hood release. I would like to convert it...
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    Has anyone put a uscartool lower rad support on a 71 B body

    Ordered one while at Carlisle, and it seems short, almost like it needs another inch or so added into the center to push the corners out. Going in a 71 SSP. If anyones done it some pics are appreciated if you got em or a description of what you did to make it fit would be great.
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    Sorry I don't check the forum more often What day you going to Carlisle? I will be there Friday...

    Sorry I don't check the forum more often What day you going to Carlisle? I will be there Friday. Email is [email protected]
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    Does anybody make an ECS tank for a 71 SSP

    The tank that mounts up in the rear drivers well. Can't seem to find one looking through most of the main vendors.
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    For people that do restos, welding question.

    Do you put anything in between the panels you are welding other than weld through primer. I know some cars have weld through adhesives. Not sure if anything as old as the 60's/70s stuff had anything like that.
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    Who's got the best home brew solution for painting an undercarriage.

    I need to paint some of the under carriage before I weld in frame connectors and torque boxes. What are some of the best solutions for raising a vehicle enough to do so. It's sitting on car tool casters right now, so no driveline components in it. I don't have an engine crane to lift any...
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    Any thoughts on SPI Vs Eastwood Epoxy?

    Just ordered SPI will be here in two days. And will look into the provided dash color info. Thanks Everyone!
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    Any thoughts on SPI Vs Eastwood Epoxy?

    Any pros/cons for either. Also what are people using for dash frame black?
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    Anyone have a 71 RR with fenders off that can take a measurement for me?

    I need it from the firewall to the front edge of the rad support. Had the inner fenders removed and lost the measurements before installing new ones.
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    WTB 71 rr upper cowl

    No thanks thats the part I needed most
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    Any self employed people here? How do you handle health insurance and got any tips?

    Some more background. I am really unhappy where I am. I have no energy because it's a manufacturing job and I sit in front of a machine all day and press buttons. When I used to have an active job that energy carried over after work, now when I am done I just want to go home and sit. I don't...
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    Any self employed people here? How do you handle health insurance and got any tips?

    Going crazy at work. Don't know how much more I can take. Would like to go self employed off of one of my hobbies. Making the same money I am seems doable.......but I have a feeling by the time I add in health insurance it will be not so doable. What are the types of things you need to expect...
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    Removal of A-pillar drip rail

    On what type of car? On my 71 SSP the driver side came off by taking the screws out and cutting a couple spot welds. The passenger side was held on only with the screws. The replacement A pillar I tired to steal the drip rail off on the driver side (mine was rusty) was a complete nightmare with...
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    WTB 71 rr upper cowl

    Still looking for cowl, will be at Carlisle Friday.
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    WTB 71 rr upper cowl

    Thats what I have now. Would be willing to do the earlier style, though, the cowl has become a major set back, I would like to resolve ASAP.