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  1. daytona kid

    Opinions please

    Imho, I'd keep looking for something better/less work needed. Bet there's a lot more rot you can't see. I just finished rebuilding a similar car without as much rot as that and I say forget that one unless you want to do a lot of work.... And it looks like that car had no front sway bar and one...
  2. daytona kid

    photos 70 Road Runners

    I had a flash back while watching that nice burnout vid, When I was about 12years old (1967), my folks let me have my first motorized vehicle, an old cheap go-cart which is probably what started my motorhead madness. I put a huge motor on it first thing. My folks would be relaxing on the front...
  3. daytona kid

    where to get 68 charger side window gaskets?

    You are right BeeKeeper, BIG THANKS for the answer.. After 45 years the stuff was so hard it just didn't seem like any kind of tape. It seemed like plastic but I think now it is rubber, very old rubber. I did a google search for "glass setting tape" vids and found this useful one. After...
  4. daytona kid

    where to get 68 charger side window gaskets?

    747, I have to replace the front seal/slider strips also that you're talking about so thanks for that info. I guess it could be some type of tape but it is about 1/16th thick and seems to be a hard black plastic U shaped strip/liner glued in the groove/channel to give the glass something to...
  5. daytona kid

    where to get 68 charger side window gaskets?

    I need some help finding something for my 68 charger. All my side glass windows were good except for the passenger door. I will be buying a new glass and I have the stainless trim/seal holder for it that goes on the rear vertical edge. It has the rubber seal on one side to seal between the door...
  6. daytona kid

    Door glass rear channel run?

    Great site! Thanks!