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    Trouble shoot my HEI conversion?

    I know this is a old post but I think the problem is the resistor you put in I did not use a resistor and all is fine
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    Something that may help you and your family regarding the corona lockdown

    Thanks for posting very interesting to hear the truth and proof
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    WTB old plymouth manifold

    Its a 230 cubic inch. I think most Canadian ones are 251 cubic inch and dont think any came with 2bbl. The one I need are used on 55,56. and 57 Plymouth and Dodge cars and other applications. I don't have a 1957 Chrysler parts book to know the part number. Thanks
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    WTB old plymouth manifold

    Thanks I think they may have mad more polys than 6s most of these manifolds came on cars with automatics
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    WTB old plymouth manifold

    Need 2-barrel intake manifold for a 1956 or 1957 Plymouth or Dodge car with 6 cylinder Thanks.
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    The emoji's on here.

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    Best electronic ignition kit for stock 273 motor

    Mancini is good for the mopar one https://www.manciniracing.com/elconkit.html
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    1969 B-Body Road Runner doors

    Erie, Pa I got a few replys will take in order per intrest who gets them HT413 is first Thanks every one for yuor intrest
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    1969 B-Body Road Runner doors

    Left and right 1969 Road Runner doors good condition $200.00 for the pair
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    SOLD Nos 2 speed wiper switch 68 to 70 b body

    NOS Wiper switch still in new box fits 1968 to 1970 B body cars with 2 speed wipers its the chrome rocker switch type $ 40.00 + 5.00 ship USA only. The part number is #3004177
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    Here is me only picture I could find early 70s 68 Cuda. I sold the 67 Gtx to buy it. Its been a long road since then
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    Buyer Beware

    I was just checking best and worst fuel milage vehicles thinking of what to be my next driver. Here is a list that I checked. http://editorial.autos.msn.com/article.aspx?cp-documentid=585804
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    Buyer Beware

    What do you get fo fuel milage in your Nitro and what engine and transmission Interesting to know. Thanks
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    Wanted: four dog dish hubcaps

    Like these http://www.forabodiesonly.com/mopar/showthread.php?t=130977
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    Need help with dash

    Make sure that you have a good ground on your gas tank you can take a piece of wire with aligater clips on the ends hook one to the tank and the other to a good ground like the rear bumper or if you have along wire you cold go to the ground side of the battery. Also you can hook up a test light...
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    Rear Speaker cover

    I finally found some these are becoming hard it find http://www.texasacres.com/parts/radio.html
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    Pulling the Engine

    The last one that I pulled I took the 4 bolts out of the transmission and suported the transmission with a small cable type come along attached to the torsion bars just to hold it in place. Then pulled the engine along with the bellhousing. Then I used a floor jack to take the transmission out...
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    Rear Speaker cover

    looking for 2 Moper rear speaker covers or grills like the ones in the picture pm me if you have some. Thanks
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    1967 gtx

    I talked to him today and he said the least that he would take is 25000
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    1967 gtx

    For sale 1967 GTX 440 4-speed Price negoshable excellant cond Im posting this for a friend you can call him for more info Locaterd in Waterford, Pa 16441 Call Jim 814-566-1528