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    i haven't reported on my health for a few weeks because it's been all bad. May be better today.

    I think that would probably kill me and if not I'm sure I'd be addicted. Lol
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    An inheritance question that's a bit complicated.

    I think you should consult with an attorney that specializes in this subject. Also I believe things might be slightly different from one state to the other. I know that generally lawyers aren't the most liked people but sometimes you gotta do things that are uncomfortable. Another thing is I...
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    11” Front Brake Drums

    I think I sent you a PM. Lol
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    11” Front Brake Drums

    Sent you a PM
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    Interesting PL21 "Gran Coupe" on ebay

    I believe all 1970 fury's had that bulge type hood. Had a suburban 70 wagon that had that hood. All original car when I owned it back in the late '70's maybe '80/'81 ??
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    AMD rant

    Not sure how far away you are but if you can drive there and back in a day, only miss one day at work, come back with your w/shield not damaged, get to visit the facility and you subtract the $200 shipping costs I would tend to say "go for it". You can always go to work and it will still be...
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    Your view on police chases.

    It's one of those things, damed if you do, damed if you don't.
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    Expensive flights in northern Canada

    Be careful of what you wish for cause you just might get it. The beauty of the land, the fresh air, the pristine environment, just about everything is lost once man moves in in large numbers never to return. If you think you're missing out on something come join the rat race for a year or so...
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    Expensive flights in northern Canada

    Traveling anywhere is expensive, It's always cheaper to stay home. Unfortunately all modern conveniences have to be shipped to isolated lands therefore more costs incurred. I on the other hand live in a city of approximately 3 million people some who are crazy, rude, ignorant, thieves etc.etc...
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    68 Dart GTS convertible on BaT - NOT MINE

    I believe this is where I saw it
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    68 Dart GTS convertible on BaT - NOT MINE

    That is the understanding I have also. I owned a 1969 GT convertible V8 auto on the column and it had a bench seat. About 30 years ago.
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    Well, I can tell you where not to order your dash pad from

    I agree. Bob Baker is a "good guy". About 5 years ago I was looking for a 67 coronet dash pad. Nobody made these at that time. ABC was starting to re-pop them using original cores. I gave him my original torn up one and specifically asked for the same one back cause I didn't want any fitting...