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  1. 65PlymSatellite

    Ported 522 heads for budget 440 worth the buy?

    Hello All, Will begin a budget build of a ‘71 440 going in a ‘65 Satellite here soon and looking for some not so pricey heads. Found some on CG somewhat in my area and was wondering if they were worth the buy (and drive). Guy wants $300. Don’t have $2000+ for aluminum heads, and I know a port...
  2. 65PlymSatellite

    Fitting '65 727 TO '71 440

    Hello All, Started the task of getting my '65 727 rebuilt. It's going to go behind a '71 440 and I just wanted to make sure I understand what that entails. I was told I need to replace the front pump assembly to a '66 and later assembly, and that would be it? Is this correct? Has anyone...
  3. 65PlymSatellite

    San Bernardino/Riverside County Machine Shop Recommendation

    Hello All, Anyone know of any Machine Shops in the San Bernardino County/Riverside areas? I'm in Colton, CA and wondering if anyone knows where I can go locally where they know Mopars for my 440. Thanks All.
  4. 65PlymSatellite

    FOR SALE Canton 15-940 BB Oil Pan

    New BB oil pan. $130 SHIPPED to lower 48. You send me $130, I ship to any address within continental US. Never used. Can provide more pics or info if needed. Willing to trade for ‘65 Satellite parts. Don’t necessarily need anything, but like hoarding ‘65 Satellite stuff.
  5. 65PlymSatellite

    FOUND 65 Satellite Rocker Panel Clips

    Looking to see if anyone has, or knows where to get, the clips for the rocker panels on a 65 Satellite.
  6. 65PlymSatellite

    Will It Fit? Canton 15-940 Oil Pan

    Hey guys. I picked up a oil pan for relatively cheap hoping it would have the same dimensions as a #971 or Moroso 20765. Turns out the dimensions aren't the same. I'm hoping if one of you Mopar wizards will be able to tell me if I can use this pan on my 440 that's going into my '65 Satellite...
  7. 65PlymSatellite

    Anybody buy a windshield lately?

    I’ve had one on order from Classic Industries for about two months now. They assured me they’d be able to get them. Anyone buy a ‘65 B-Body windshield anywhere else lately?
  8. 65PlymSatellite

    WTB ‘65 Satellite Windshield trim clips

    Hi All, was looking for the front windshield trim clips and have only found ones that look the same, but smaller. Anyone use these smaller clips successfully? Anyone know where to get the full sized ones? thanks
  9. 65PlymSatellite

    '65 Satellite Rocker Panel Rust Fix

    Hello All. Gonna start the task of fixing all the rust on my '65 Satellite. Got rust in Firewall, Cowl, under the Rear Quarters, and the rocker panels. Those are all the spots that I know of so far. Going to start in on the Driver side rocker first. Just wanted to see if y'all got any tips...
  10. 65PlymSatellite


    Has anyone purchased one of these AMD repop front bumpers? Curious 'cuz mine is in pretty bad shape, and I imagine would cost A LOT more to repair than the $430 these are going for. Any opinions...
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    I've been having issues with the 2BBL carb I installed on my stock 273, and decided this would be a good time to upgrade to a 4bbl. Engine has been rebuilt to stock specs if that contributes to any advice. I have an Edelbrock LD4B intake coming my way and I need some advice on what carb to...
  12. 65PlymSatellite

    Is this cut Dana 60 worth the cost?

    Hello all, newbie here looking for advice. I have a chance to buy a Dana 60 housing with a flange cut for $150. What do you all think? Is it worth the repair and four hour round trip ride to pick up?? Thanks
  13. 65PlymSatellite

    What am I doing wrong with my brakes?

    Been having nothing but issues with brakes on my '65 Satellite. All started when I bought the kit from CPP (Classic Performance Parts Placentia, CA). Installed the kit and come to realize, the booster doesn't work. Pedal was extremely hard. Went back several times for them to tell me nothing...
  14. 65PlymSatellite

    Locked Glove Box 65 Satellite

    Anyone have any experience breaking into a locked glove box? I’ve never had the key. Tried going in through the rear hoping that the liner wasn’t there, but it is. Should I just admit defeat and go to a locksmith? Should I rip off that liner and replace it later?
  15. 65PlymSatellite

    '65 Satellite 440 Swap Rookie Questions

    Hi All, New guy here and as the title states, I want to swap in a 440 into my 65 Satellite. The Satellite has the original 273 in it now. Just Picked up a 1971 440 last weekend, and a few months ago I had picked up '65 BB 727. Next step is engine tear down and rebuild. Once that's done is...
  16. 65PlymSatellite

    WTB Driver Side Fender Brace

    Looking for a Lower front Fender brace for my 65 Satellite. Pictured is the Passenger equivalent to what I’m looking for. Thanks!
  17. 65PlymSatellite

    WTB 1965 Plymouth Satellite Fender emblem (Driver Side)

    Looking for a '65 Satellite Driver side Fender Script emblem