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    FOR SALE moroso 64930 spacer

    would like to get 35.00 shipped to lower 48. will take pp. pm time determines place in line.
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    FOR SALE trans shifter bracket

    lower bracket. would like to get 35.00 shipped to lower 48. will take pp. pm time determines place in line.
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    FOR SALE b&m shifter light

    new in pkg. would like to get 20.00 shipped to lower 48. will take pp. pm time determines place in line.
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    SOLD sb m/t v/covers

    nice set of v/c. 130.00 shipped from 62052. like rat rods al, paypal f&f, or you pay rthe fee. pm determinesa place in line.
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    dana 60 experts

    please help me decipher the r&p numbers. someone says these are a mismatched set. i took them out of my 79 d200 and put 3.54 set in. ring gear numbers 10 6 78 -date of manufacture 30360a -???? a3d2 -???? 41-10 - gear ratio pinion gear numbers c dana d1 -???? 34017a -???? 41-10 - gear ratio...
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    wiw/is it worth it

    i have a 72 400 230 block. came out of my aunts 72 c body. would like to know what you think it might be worth as it is now or would you spend the extra 150-175 for hot tanking and sonic checking? i don't want to hold anyone up but not going to give it away either. can get more pics if needed to...
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    SOLD my spare tailgate motor

    this is my spare tailgate motor from my 65 coronet sw. works perfect in both up and down. none on internet to gauge price on except hilltop auto parts and he is out of stock. his price was 395.00 but i will sell mine for 125.00 ;lus shipping. it fit in a usps med flat rate box. it will on be for...
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    hey REV. MOPAR

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    WTB 8 3/4 shock plates

    looking for inexpensive pair, with good threads, rear shock plates for 8 3/4 or dana. pm me here with price please. tia. rick w.
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    WTB 11 inch rear backing plates.

    need rear 11 in backing plates. pm me with quantity and price per plate. thinking 4 will fit in usps large flat rate box. tia. rick w.
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    WTB wanted 28 and 29 tooth

    long speedometer gears. speedo too slow with 33 tooth, put in 27 now speedo too fast. went from 8 mph slow to 4 mph fast. calculator says 28.5 tooth. already checked ebag, cope and brewers. way tooooo rich for my blood. pm here please.
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    where to find what my car is worth

    i have looked a kbb, haggerty, and a few others. but a 65 coronet station wagon with a little rust here and there IS NOT WORTH 14K. where does everyone go to get a real price on there cars? tia.
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    WTB 85 coronet sw

    parts car. close to st. louis,mo as possible. must have clear title and vin plate. could be a roller and even missing some parts. need to redo mine. pm me here. thanks. supposed to say 65 coronet station wagon. stupid me.
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    SOLD choice of 10 or 11 inch brakes complete

    backing plates are blasted and painted. has new napa shoes, w/cyl, hardware and self adjuster kits. 225.00 EACH shipped in lower 48.
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    FOR SALE carb adapter and spacer

    1- 2 inch 4 hole spacer-25.00 shipped in lower 48 and 1 4150 to 4500 adapter 75.00 shipped in lower 48.
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    FOR SALE 2-90 degree alum oil filter adapters

    with new gasket. 85.00 EACH shipped in lower 48.( also posted on fabo)
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    FOR SALE 360 spool mounts

    and new inserts. 90.00 shipped to lower 48.
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    FOR SALE dana 60 4.10

    good used r&p for dana 60. 125.00 shipped to lower 48.
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    SOLD oil pan,p/u,mounts and dipstick tube

    for 2wd big block pickup. 225.00 plus shipping. will ship cheapest method. pm determines place in line if more than 1 party interested.
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    SOLD clutch fork and boot

    cleaning out my stash. clutch fork and boot. boot is not torn or brittle. part number on boot is 2260021. factory parts book says it fits a & b body from 66-70. i have has numerous a, b and e body stick shift cars. this is all i have left, i think. 65.00 shipped from 62035/62052 by usps frs to...