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    FURYIOUS update

    You are doing better than me.
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    Reasons why newer cars suck a$$...

    Disposable, that's how they make you buy new/newer, and still have reliability to get the out of warranty periods
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    400 Build Ideas

    I'm with you! :thumbsup: I am a big block guy. Just bringing up the fact that seems to get lost with 340 this and 318 that. The 360 is a much better street car engine than the smaller small blocks.
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    400 Build Ideas

    360 has a longer stroke than 400. Way easier to get pistons for a 4" bore than a 4.34" inch bore. The 904 uses less HP to turn. Agree that the big block looks better and the distributor is in the front (easier to work with). If it was me I would just work with the small block if racing is not a...
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    First time I have been there. I did not race. Car was acting up on Friday so I just drove up in my Charger. It's a great place to spectate. Could use some more amenities, but Rome was not built in a day. I will be there to race next year, if they have it.
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    Classic Cars Are Greener Than Electric Vehicles: Study

    I've been driving my '68 Charger since 2017. Only new parts I put on were gaskets, rod bearings, main bearings, fuel line, engine paint, tires and a set of reman shoes on driver's side rear (yes only the driver's side). Everything else was just used parts, from other projects, cars, or swap...
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    Carlisle Award Snafoo $$$

    Don't care about a trophy or plaque. Pay a higher entrance fee if you want to compete and leave the rest of us alone to enjoy our cars and the event. I could live without the OMG dirt speck cars. They just jam up the parking and make my car look worse.
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    I'm planning on being there.
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    Firewall brake stiffener plate.

    I know it's for my E body but most stuff is same/similar to 71 up B body. I want to change to manual brake setup, from power brake. With Carlisle right around the corner, I need a good reference of what the stiffener plate looks like on a E body manual brake. It's been a minute since I had that...
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    Ubolts with flattened top? and pinion seal question...

    If you have the small nut on the yoke, which is a good probability with a 741 case I would not try to hit 240lbft. It does say large pinion on the service manual photo.
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    Ubolts with flattened top? and pinion seal question...

    741&742 are shimmed to set preload. You can't change it unless you completely over torque it by a damaging amount.
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    Ubolts with flattened top? and pinion seal question...

    741 and 742 you can just swap out the seal and retorque the pinion nut, amount of threads showing is a good check also. 489 with a crush sleeve is the tricky one.
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    What's the best lawn weed killer for beginners?

    I started parking cars and trucks, and building building so less to mow.
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    What's the best lawn weed killer for beginners?

    If it wasn't for the mud being worse I would not have a lawn (if you want to call mine that). The fix for bad neighbors and their lawns is, no neighbors!
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    Ported 522 heads for budget 440 worth the buy?

    That's how I got mine. Guy did heads in his home shop. They were ported probably back when no choice but iron. They have oversized valves, titanium retainers, that nobody wants. I paid 400 for mine a few years ago with a freshen up. I think he took them in as partial trade checked them and sold them
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    Can someone guide me for a proper cam?

    With the piston down as far as it is in a 400 I would advance the cam at least 4° with a cheap +4, 0, -4 timing set. If you add almost any duration to a stock 400 cylinder pressure will fall lower than stock. A good intake and exhaust will wake it up. Very easy to over cam a 7.5:1 engine, tread...
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    Who has E bodies? Let’s see.

    My N code, column shift, original paint, only number matching car. I keep it because I have owned it since 1986. It was a better car when I was 20 something than 50 something.
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    Remembering Fast Food & Chains Now Closed

    Lot of beer soaked nights ended at Naugles when I was in San Diego.
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    Cam change, ideas?

    I'm putting my stock stroke 440 back together. Years ago it ran a 292/509 Mopar performance cam and lightly ported heads. Ran good I never had a converter or decent trans for that matter. Things came up the car came apart for improvements. I ended up changing to TRW six pack pistons and...