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    15 x 5.5 Steel Wheels

    I found these buried in my garage, from years ago. Can anyone ID them, as far as year, or model ? Thanks

    FOR SALE Mopar Collector's Guide Mags

    I have several years of MCG Magazines, that I need to get rid of. Included in this bargain, are some other Mopar, Auto, and AMA publications. I can deliver these to the Tent at Carlisle, hopefully on Thursday afternoon/evening. I have to post a price, so $1, or bring some beers to pass around...

    WTB 2008-12 Chrysler Sebring Convertable Hardtop

    My wife is retiring at the end if the year, and looking for a Sebring Hardtop Convertable, for her "winter car" in FL. Ideally looking for a low mileage, NON rustbelt car, and well maintained. Also would like to hear any input on these, as I don't know of anyone previously owning one. Thanks...

    Polishing Stainless Trim

    I guess I'm going to be polishing some stainless trim soon, new task for me. I know there are various threads on our site. Can anyone recommend any good sources for doing it properly, maybe with some tutorial video ? I have NO experience at this, as I'm more of a "rough carpenter", or wood...

    Polishing SS Trimwork

    I known there have been threads posted here before, but I am failing to find any on polishing stainless trimwork. My project will soon be at that point, so I'm doing some research on it. IF there is anyone in WNY, or near by, that is accomplished at this, let me know, as I could use some...

    FOR SALE '63 B-Body Sedan Radiator

    Radiator from my '63 Dodge 330, /6 Auto. Removed from my project years ago, worked very well, and looks Good also. May fit other years, models, check the Number, 2276833. $200, plus shipping, local P/Up, or Deliver to Carlisle in July, Pre-paid. Thanks for the ad FBBO !

    FOR SALE '65 B-Body 3-Speed Transmission, Flywheel, & Bell Housing

    These are out of a '65 Belvedere II, 273 SB, that I had several years ago, tucked away in a back corner of my garage, which I insulated last week. 3-speed manual shift transmission, flywheel, bell housing, fork, and cover. Looked like most hardware was there, will need a new fork boot, as...

    FOR SALE '63 B-Body Front Hub Assemblies

    I have the Front hub assemblies from my '63 Dodge 330. Had the garage insulated last week, and these were tucked away. Includes spindles, ball joints, backing plates, wheel cylinders, hoses, brake shoes & hardware, bearings, drums, caps, and lug nuts. Basically Complete, 14", and when removed...

    Stock Hemi Rotating Assembly

    This is NOT a for sale thread. I'm going to be getting into my Hemi build. Because my engine, has sat for quite some time, I'll have to get the block cleaned, surface rust, so dis-assembly will be needed. Is there any market, for a complete 426 Hemi rotating assembly ? These components have...
  10. VANDAN

    Early Max Wedge Rad Support Blackout

    Finishing touches approaching on my '63 330 MW restoration. Does anyone know, or have, or access to a Survivor ? Was the radiator support blacked out, behind the grill, on the Factory cars ? I thought it would look good for some contrast, but the paint also looks nice. Any, and All input...
  11. VANDAN

    WTB '63 B-Body Seat Belts

    Looking for a set of Year correct seat belts, for my '63 Dodge. My originals are labelled YANKEE 60, on the buckles, and belts are 1-7/8" wide. These need to be in Very Good condition, no rust or pitting on metal, no tears in the belts. I will need to dye them Aqua/Teal, so preferably a lighter...
  12. VANDAN

    Any Good Blues Bars Near the COBO Center in Detroit ?

    We may be looking for a few drinks over the weekend, looking for soms inside info, lime the title asks ? Thanks
  13. VANDAN

    February Friday Night Blues Time Again

    Got up to 40ish today, holding overnight, dropping tomorrow. Blues/Southern on the tunes tonite. Bored with the single beers, mixing the leftovers...
  14. VANDAN

    FOUND 1963 B-Body Speedometer Cable

    I'm looking for a speedometer cable, for my '63 Dodge 330. The original has been misplaced, and need another, OE part#2290-461. It seems the cables available from Imperial Services have listings for 1962-3, and 1964-5. Does anyone know if the ends of these cables differ, as I am using a '65...
  15. VANDAN

    Carlisle 2022 Tent Poll

    It's the end of Jan already, Winter is in full swing across Our Nation, so time to think about Summer Relief. We need 26 Members to step up, and Register their Rides, with FBBO, as their Club affiliation, to obtain the Tent for FREE. Hawk put a lot of Time and Effort into it last year, and it...
  16. VANDAN

    '65 Dodge Coronet Engine Harness

    I'm looking ahead to my '65 Coronet build, and pre-planning whatever I can. I'll be pulling the slant 6, and using a Gen II Hemi, with most likely a Street Hemi 4x2 intake. Will an engine harness for a '65 BB, 383/426 wedge engine fit properly on it ? I'm thinking it should lay pretty close to...
  17. VANDAN

    Balancing Beads

    I need to mount a few sets of tires soon. Has anyone used the Balancing Bead Bags, and any Pros/Cons, with them ? I like the idea of not having the hammer on weights, or the stick-on type on aluminum wheels. Any, and all feedback welcome, Thanks...
  18. VANDAN

    Transmission Oil Cooler

    My '63 is nearing completion, and I'd like to add a transmission cooler to it. Since there were no Factory options I'm aware of, what have any of you used, that work, fit, and look decent ? Mine is not built for racing, but may see some occasional strip time, 440 stroker, 727, deep pan, stock...
  19. VANDAN

    Gen II Hemi Build Carbs

    Lousy day out today, so I'm looking at Intake Manifolds for a Hemi build. I think I will be using a Mopar Street Hemi Dual Quad Inline, part # P5153737. This uses Carter AFB Carbs. I'm wondering if other Make/Model carbs will fit this set up, along with the required Throttle Linkage, and Fuel...
  20. VANDAN

    Carlisle Registration 20% Off Ends Today

    Just remembered to register for Carlisle in July, 20% OFF ends Today at 5pm. Cost for Showfield is $52, with the discount. *** Remember to Add FBBO as Your Club Affiliation, so Our Tent may be Placed Free by the Carlisle Staff. We Need at least 26 Members to Sign On, Thanks ***