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  1. Ski 61701

    64 Polara Windshield trim (installation)

    I have all of the trim off my 64 and I am finally in the process of putting things back together. Is there a trick (or sequence) to putting the trim back on? To me it looks like the trim at the top of the windshield and the 2 end pieces which tie into the drip rail look an assembly that needs...
  2. Ski 61701

    64 2 Dr Polara exterior door lock not working properly

    Quick question regarding the exterior door locks on a 64 Polara. I can lock the door using the key as it is designed to do. However, when you push the exterior door handle button to test to make sure the door is locked, the door unlocks. Does anyone know if there is a "timing" of the position...
  3. Ski 61701

    Hood safety latch for 64 Dodge

    I have run into yet another little set back. I had sent my original 64 Dodge safety latch to be cleaned up an reanodized. I left the parts wrapped up and low and behold the return spring is now broken. I think the chemical process must have weakened the tension in the spring sure enough it is...
  4. Ski 61701

    WTB 64 polara hood latch

    During the course of my restoration I cannot find the 2 bolts that hold the safety latch to the hood. Also the spring on the safety latch is broken so I need a new latch. I also need the 2 phillips screws that hold the lever to the hood, the lever that actually releases the main latch . Thanks...
  5. Ski 61701

    Retrofit led bulbs for T12 shop light

    I was at Walmart (I know I know, but can't beat their price on oil) anyhow I see they have the retro fit T12 led lights. The package says works with most ballast setups. My current fixtures were put up about 6 yrs ago. So I buy the bulbs take them home and install. I have 1 bulb thats brighter...
  6. Ski 61701

    64 Dodge fan shroud

    Quick question for those that are running an oem metal fan shroud on a 22 inch 1964 radiator. My car doesn't run hot without it, but I'd rather try and pull more air into engine compartment from outside rather than just whipping hot air around. Question is the square nuts that are mounted in...
  7. Ski 61701

    Non Mopar question 472 Caddy motor

    Off topic here, but I've tried craigslist with no luck. My Pop has a complete carb to oil pan 472 Caddy motor out of a 69 Coupe Deville that had 98,000 on it plus th400 trans. He originally was going to swap out a sbc in his El Camino and put this in. Well needless to say that will never happen...
  8. Ski 61701

    Max wedge headlight harness

    I have a brand new Kramer 1964 Dodge max wedge headlight wiring harness that I do not need. Brand new they now cost over $200.00. I'll sell mine $170.00 shipped in the US.
  9. Ski 61701

    64 Polara grill restoration needed

    It's a super long story, but I finally got my grill back over the weekend. I had given it to a guy to strip and fix along with "C" trim pieces and hood lip piece. Got the hood lip and "C" pieces back last year, they look great. The grill bottom portion has been polished but the slats are still...
  10. Ski 61701

    Oil and gas gauge 64 Dodge

    Before I yank out my dash cluster for a 3rd time, hopefully someone can give me an idea whats going on. I have a 64 Dodge Polara dash with gauges and clock. I took the entire unit and gas sender to a vendor I found in Hemmings. I had the amp gauge replaced with a volt meter. I bought all new...
  11. Ski 61701

    Max Wedge hood scoop

    Im at the point now in my project where I need to get some input here from you folks. I orginally was going to run a plain hood on my 64 Dodge. Now I'm second guessing things. I took the car out the other day minus the hood, and even with thermal coated cast iron manifolds the amount of heat is...
  12. Ski 61701

    FOR SALE 3/8 Smith Bros pushrods NEW

    I have a brand new set of Smith Bros 3/8" dia pushrods. Ball cup style .083 dia, 8.975 oal. My loss your gain $125.00 plus shipping
  13. Ski 61701

    SOLD 63-65 washer bag

    I have a windshield washer bag and bracket and pump (although one nipple broke off) bag holds fluid. Can send pics if interested $30.00 and shipping
  14. Ski 61701

    Corbin clamps

    I know these clamps are questionable, and I have one on my thermostat housing that keeps on weeping on me. Housing is clean and paint free, no major pitting on metal either. I bought the clamp kit from a reputable dealer, but I wonder if there is a known good brand of corbin clamps, if there is...
  15. Ski 61701

    SOLD AM/FM radio for 64 Polara

    I have a working am/fm radio snd dash bezel for a 64 Polara 440 trim. Bezel is not cracked and is a great candidate for rechroming. $300.00 plus shipping.
  16. Ski 61701

    For sale 62- 65 3/8" tank sender

    Im going a different direction now for one of my projects and I have a new stainless steel sender never used, just mocked up on a tank. $60.00 plus shipping
  17. Ski 61701

    WTB 64 Dog dish hub caps

    I'm looking for a "good" set of plain 10" dog dish hub caps. I have a set now and my spares are soso, looking for a set that arent dented and scratched up.
  18. Ski 61701

    Fan clutch on 64 Dodge

    I went and ordered the stubby fan clutch and a replacement fan blade to put in my 64. I have a rb in it and the oem 3 core radiator. As my luck goes, with the radiator mounted I could not get the clutch /fan assy in. Removed the rad installed clutch assy on water pump, weasled rad back in and...
  19. Ski 61701

    Long time lurker here from Illinois

    Ok Ive put off introducing myself here for I couldnt figure out how to post pics, and you all seem to like to bust one's nads for not posting pics. Id figured I lay low. Ive got a 64 Polara 330 that was originally a 361 that Im in the process of making into a max wedge clone . I like many of you...
  20. Ski 61701

    Has anyone dealt with Instrument Service Inc.

    I'm the final stages of getting my 64 Polara back on the road. Since my cluster has never been taken out of the thinking about having it serviced eg: Speedo cleaned and lubed and gauges checked and having my repo gas sender checked and calibrated to the cluster. If anyone has knowledge...