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  1. Curiousyellow71

    Best shafts for Crane ductile rockers.

    Looking for suggestions for shafts for ductile iron crane rockers. We plan to put on lots of street miles and I know galling can be a issue. Mancini has thick wall heavy duty, mopar performance brand, and chrome. It's been a long time since I've run ductile rockers. Anyone's experience/ input...
  2. Curiousyellow71

    Flat tappet availability getting worse.

    Following this on another forum. Interesting and sad. Does not look good for American made flat tappet cams. For those that don't know CWC is pretty much the last U.S. camshaft core least that is my understanding. The near future there will be a shortage until cams cores are...
  3. Curiousyellow71

    Running Speed Pro Hellfire rings?

    Anyone have experience running these hellfire rings? We bought a set for a b engine with 1.12ch pistons and they have a bunch of tension compared to any other top ring we've used. Our application fits there description pretty well other then we plan to drive this engine on the street A LOT. If...
  4. Curiousyellow71

    Bob Motz jet semi from 1995

    I was at this race and got to stand real close to the track..felt the heat as he went by in the semi.. Saw him other times but he really put on a show that night...came across this video recently...fond memories.
  5. Curiousyellow71

    Upgraded Spintron engine testing

    Upgraded Spintron...Cool video on next level engine building technology. Amazing the valve train noise sounds like the engine is doing a dyno pull...but it's not running.
  6. Curiousyellow71

    Car sways under hard acceleration

    My Charger when I run slicks the back is shifting back and forth. You can also feel it with street tires..just not as bad. It has air shocks yet which could cause it..? I had u bolt slapper style tractionbars at one point with a 4.88s and a 5000 stall and it broke the u bolts on the traction...
  7. Curiousyellow71

    Nebraska mopar lover

    Hello.. I am new to the forum world for posting but have read plenty of b bodies only threads that have helped keep me motivated when I don`t have time to work on my car which seems to be the norm. I still have my first mopar that my twin brother and I purchased in 1987. It was a unusual 69...