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  1. Moms68

    '68 Charger positive battery cable

    I need to replace the positive cable, but I am planning a big block swap within the next year. Currently I have 340 with a mini starter (Denso, I think) so what is the difference in the big block cable? Will it work with my small block for now?
  2. Moms68

    Called Edelbrock today

    Sat on hold for 40 minutes trying to an idea when they’ll ship my 60929 440 heads. They say they will clear all back orders by August. No supply chain shortages he said, just a small amount if orders. Crazy world right now.
  3. Moms68

    Permatex gasket shellac

    I needed a new bottle and had a hard time finding it. No more Indian head! Can they still call it “original”?
  4. Moms68

    Any FBBO members near Spanaway, WA

    Looking for assistance from a member who may live near Spanaway, WA. Please pm me for more details. Thank you.
  5. Moms68

    General Lee CB radio

    Is there a specific CB radio that was used in the Generals? Is it a Cobra 78x and what are they worth?
  6. Moms68

    Tony Romo football announcer?

    Is it me or is listening to Tony Romo like fingernails on a chalkboard? His comments during the games are ridiculously one sided and the pitch of his voice is annoying. I know he has big time name recognition but he sucked as a quarterback and is even worse as a broadcaster. He's as bad or worse...
  7. Moms68

    For Sale not by me- realistic price?

    Just spotted this 1970 Charger on marketplace, in Lancaster, Pa.
  8. Moms68

    Not Ronnie too

    Ronnie Spector won’t be down. RIP
  9. Moms68

    Windshield washer reservoir

    What are the differences in a reproduction and NOS washer tank for a 68 Charger? I couldn't locate any posts on this and would hate to spend too much for what could be a knock off.
  10. Moms68

    You thought Mopar prices were off the charts?

    Where’s the car?
  11. Moms68

    Will there ever be a normal flu season again?

    Just curious, will we ever see a normal flu season again? Seems like we've experienced the annual flu virus for years, but I think it's going the way of the buggy whip. In my mind it's similar to snow storms for those of us in the snow belt. Any snow event is now touted as a dangerous...
  12. Moms68

    Adjustable rockers- rebuild or new rollers?

    Should I have a set of Crane adjustable iron ductile rockers rebuilt (around 550.00) with new shafts/ banana grooves or go with new roller rockers like Comp pro magnums? Going on a newly built 440, Eddy 60929 heads, 10:1 compression non stroker. Thanks in advance.
  13. Moms68

    Are FABO part prices better than FBBO

    Not sure what’s going on here but both parts appear to be exactly the same. Maybe a buyer beware for post #2 that appeared on our site.
  14. Moms68

    FOUND Isky adjustable rocker arm set

    Looking for a set of adjustable rockers for my 440 build. Prefer a complete set with shafts, hold downs, bolts that is in good usable condition.
  15. Moms68

    FOUND 440 adjustable hydraulic rockers

    Looking for a set of adjustable rockers and shafts for a 440. Ductile preferable for flat hydraulic lifters.
  16. Moms68

    Fire extinguisher- what does your car have?

    I used to use Halon extinguishers because they don’t use powder or foam, which causes a huge mess. They even made a garage ceiling mounted one that would automatically discharged. Since those are no longer available what are carrying in your street car?
  17. Moms68

    Old reliable

    Went to pick up my wife’s new Jeep Grand Cherokee on Saturday. Simple fun day, right? The plan was to go there with my F150 and take the plates off her BMW. Truck battery died, no start and had to drill out one of the license plate screws that wouldn’t budge. On to Plan B, just take the BMW and...
  18. Moms68

    RIP Duane Allman- 50 years

    Many nights cruzin listening to the Allman Brothers Band, still one of the best bands ever. Me and my buddies got to see them 4 times, once at Watkins Glen, NY. which was quite an experience!! We camped out in a ‘65 Dodge van. Duane died 50 years ago today at age 24. RIP
  19. Moms68

    Waylon and the General

    Had to post this pic. Nashville wax museum.
  20. Moms68

    Where to buy Edelbrock heads

    Where should I buy a pair of 440 Edelbrock Performer RPM heads? I know that they’re back- ordered but wondering if Summit, Jegs, etc. charge your card right away or when the parts are delivered. Can you buy direct from Edelbrock? Thanks