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  1. 70bigblockdodge

    Firewall brake stiffener plate.

    I know it's for my E body but most stuff is same/similar to 71 up B body. I want to change to manual brake setup, from power brake. With Carlisle right around the corner, I need a good reference of what the stiffener plate looks like on a E body manual brake. It's been a minute since I had that...
  2. 70bigblockdodge

    Cam change, ideas?

    I'm putting my stock stroke 440 back together. Years ago it ran a 292/509 Mopar performance cam and lightly ported heads. Ran good I never had a converter or decent trans for that matter. Things came up the car came apart for improvements. I ended up changing to TRW six pack pistons and...
  3. 70bigblockdodge

    WTB Accel cap / rotor

    Looking for Accel RB dual point cap/rotor Yes I know you can buy a new one at Summit, I'm just shaking the bushes and giving the chance to clear some shelf space for spring. I'm in Western PA and Summit sells new ones for $43. Pm me Accel cap # 120123 Rotor #130116
  4. 70bigblockdodge

    WTB 727 torque converter

    I was having trouble with my Holley carburetor and the trouble was with the combo. In short I did not have enough airspeed to get out of the lower rpms. Good news that's fixed by putting a 10" converter of no spec bought second hand etc. Bad news as I was concerned about the car is not as...
  5. 70bigblockdodge

    Lean condition with a old Holley 4150

    I have a 400 in my car currently with some milled and ported 516 heads old aluminum Wiend intake and some generic headers. Runs reasonably well under normal driving. Problem is if I slow to turn from one road to another or someone slows to turn off when I step back in the throttle 1/3-1/2...
  6. 70bigblockdodge

    WTB 68 Charger fender(drivers side)

    Looking for driver quality, driver side fender for 68 Dodge charger. With Carlisle coming up, I will be there maybe a deal can be made and keep UPS out of it. PM me thanks Dave.
  7. 70bigblockdodge

    Figure I should say hello

    I stop by here now and again, hang out over on FCBO mostly but have offered up advice/comments here so figured about time I say hello. I have a 68 charger will be 440 4speed, 69 barracuda 440 auto a couple of seats and not much else in that car, and a unrestored 70 challenger 383 4bbl, and a 85...