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    Odd driprail 69 bee

    Any of you guys ever see a driprail on a 69 b body extend down the front windshield post all the way under the door? I've looked, without success, for another or at least a reason, but... Why in He%# would anyone go to the trouble to do this?
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    Replace hood skin?

    Anyone have success replacing the hood skin on a 69 Coronet N96 hood? Got pics of the process? Also, I would like to paint it black?!?! Issues? TIA Jess in ky
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    Summit Discount Code????

    Getting ready to place an order at Summit Racing, anyone got a good discount code they would be willing to share??? TIA, jess
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    Front drip rail extends down under door!?!?!?

    Hello all: I have a 69 post Bee that I bought a few years ago that has the front drip rail extending down the A pillar all the way under the door! I have yet to see this on any other coronet/bee. Is this something someone done in the past or what (and why?). Jess in ky
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    FOR SALE 69 Coronet RT 440 4spd dana

    1969 Coronet R/T, real 440 4spd dana car. Original drivetrain long gone. Fender tag present, no build sheet, clear title, located 85 miles SE of Lex ky. $12,500 as is. Package deal available for $16,500 including following: std bore 440 block 69 bb valve covers 18 spline 4 speed 11 inch cast...
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    69 Bee radiator questions

    I have a 22 inch radiator (correct tank numbers for my 69 bee) that I would like to recore with the biggest available replacement core. Is a replacement with 4 rows of tubes available? Also when I recently recored an "055" radiator I had to replace the bottom tank to fit the 4 tube replacement...
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    73-74 Charger AC Condenser needed

    Looking for a good AC condenser for a 73-74 charger. Email me at or call my cell at 6o6-568-633five. thanks jess in ky
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    68 b body dash pads, Repopped?

    :grin:Not the long ones on the top of the dash, the two that surround the steering column, fit under the radio and around the ashtray over to the glovebox, and the glovebox too, for a 69 model b body with ralley dash. Anyone repopping or planning to. Nice used originals are hard to find and $$$! jt