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  1. dantrap

    late model hemi into early b bodies

    5.7 if you need the e-brake for state inspection like we do here in NY, install a line lock with an on/ off toggle switch. That will get you through the inspection. It will have some other uses down the road too.
  2. dantrap

    late model hemi into early b bodies

    Hey 5.7 LOOKEN GREAT. Can't wait t see it complete. Dan
  3. dantrap

    My new toy!64 Polara 440

    Great Car!! Good luck with it.
  4. dantrap

    Scoop or no scoop??

    Go for the Scoop. That German Sport Fury does look BAD ***!!
  5. dantrap

    Got my 440 installed

    Great car, keep up the good work!
  6. dantrap

    My brothers 64 Fury NSS car.

    Great looken 64. I here a NPS class is starting up this year for 69 thru 74 cars, that should be good one too.
  7. dantrap

    late model hemi into early b bodies

    Hey 5.7, Looks Good to me. Keep up the work. Dan
  8. dantrap

    late model hemi into early b bodies

    Looks Good 5.7
  9. dantrap

    1963 dodge polara engine swap

    Hey 44070dart, you have a bunch of options. What about dropping a hot cross rammed 440 or 496 and backing them with a 727. Build yourself sort of a max wedge clone. With a handle like 44070dart youy got to be big block guy.
  10. dantrap

    318 to hemi conversion

    I agree with 69 Runner on the Trans and Rear suggestion. Another option is the new Passion Performance Semi slick/shift Hemi box or a 5-speed conversion with O.D., if its gona be a street car. 8 3/4's work fine but the new Strange Dana 60 is bullet proof. It's a matter of how much coin you want...
  11. dantrap

    Plastic Rechroming ??

    We use Vacuum metlization on plastic electrical encolsures for Rf protection. Its not going to give you the finish your looking for.
  12. dantrap

    B Body 65-65 Frame Connectors

    That 8 3/4 would work on 95% of our applications. I used a bunch before, the 3:55s might work good for ya, but i always go a little steeper. Just my preference. Should look cool under your 65.
  13. dantrap

    B Body 65-65 Frame Connectors

    Stainless would be a Kingpin setup. I reviewed the home build info and it appears on the money in the details. I would still use Calverts split mono leaf and the adjustable shocks. I ran into a write up on the Old-hippys mopar web site about using the fiberglass vette leaf springs with a...
  14. dantrap

    B Body 65-65 Frame Connectors

    Hey B392, Looks great and will really stiffen up the car. What set up are you using for the rear ? A cal-trac or SS spring? I can't wait to see the rest of this ride, i do like 65's. Good luck moving forward,keep up posted.
  15. dantrap

    Went racing with my 63 this weekend.

    Hey 383 man, looks real good and 60foot is great. It looks like it hooks very good with the 9 x 30 slicks. Dantrap
  16. dantrap

    late model hemi into early b bodies

    I will say you are doing a 1st class fabrication job, everything looks top notch. Keep the pics coming. Best of luck on your project.
  17. dantrap

    late model hemi into early b bodies

    Hi, your setup look great. Very cool wheels. What or who's computer are you going to use to run the 5.7 & trans ? Can you use the stock PCM as is or due you have to adapt an aftermarket PCM. Thanks for the info.